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    We are centrally located in Northampton, just 5 minutes off of junction 15 on the M1 motorway


  • What warranty do I get?

    The system comes with 12 months full warranty plus our full back up and support for as long as you need us

  • How high can the SkyVac go?

    You can put a maximum of eight poles together which reaches 40ft (12m) 4 Storeys high. This is the usually the highest you will need to reach and is the safest height to operate the poles at.

  • Can I add extra poles at a later date?

    Yes, you can. If you purchased a six-pole package and needed another two poles that would be no problem, don’t forget the system goes to a maximum height of eight poles

  • What comes with the SkyVac package?

    Everything you need to start gutter cleaning. You get the SkyVac itself, the suction poles, all the end tools, a carry bag and six metres of suction hose. Simply plug in and play

  • What size generator do I need for my SkyVac?

    For the Atom: 2.7Kva
    For the SkyVac Commercial: 3.4Kva
    For the SkyVac Industrial (240v & 110v): 5Kva.

    (For reference the 110v version is fitted with a large 32amp yellow plug)

  • Is SkyVac available in 110v?

    Yes, the SkyVac Industrial only is available as a 110v version, it comes with the large yellow 32amp plug

  • How much can I charge for gutter cleaning?

    A 3-Bed Semi typically £60 - £70 with SkyVac
    A 4 Bed-Dethatched typically £75 - £90

  • How long does it take to clean gutters with a SkyVac?

    A 3-Bed Semi ¾ hour for a hard clean for an easier clean ½ hour. A 4 Bed Detached 1 hour for a hard clean ¾ hour for a easier clean

SkyCam/SkyPole Questions

  • Is your Inspection Camera (SkyCam) recordable?

    Yes, SkyCam comes with a 16GB Micro SD Card so you can capture images and video footage. This is then downloadable onto your PC with the USB Cable supplied. Great for sharing with your client.

  • How do you charge the SkyCam system up?

    SkyCam comes with a mains charger and a twin spur so you can charge both the camera and monitor simultaneously. It also comes with an in-car charger.

  • How high can the SkyPole go to?

    We do three lengths of SkyPole, a 24ft (7.5m) 2 Storeys high, 34ft (10.5m) 3 Storeys high and a 44ft (13.5m) 4 Storeys high

Slip Stream Pro Questions

  • What warranty do I get?

    All Slip Stream Pro’s come with 12 months full warranty plus our full back up and support for as long as you need us.

  • What PSI do I need?

    Most people think the higher the PSI or Bar pressure the more powerful the pressure washer is. This is not true. The true power of the pressure for paving cleaning is determined by the litres per minute. The pressure washer shifts e.g a pressure washer that shifts 15Lpm is more efficient than a machine shifting 12Lpm. Every litre of water moved is a kilo of cleaning impact. Contact our office and we will pair you up with your perfect pressure washer based on your cleaning requirements

  • Can you take a direct feed from a tap to feed the pressure washer?

    It all depends on the pressure washer. Generally up to 12Lpm you can. Anything above that is best to fill up a wheelie bin and let the machine suck water from there. That way the machine will always get the water it needs to perform to its full potential

  • What is a Turbo Upgrade?

    The Turbo Lance is great for cleaning up to edges, patio steps, and dwarf walls. As the water exits the nozzle it rotates to create a four-inch cone shape for bullet sharp cleaning. The upgrade also comes with an extra 10 metres of power hose and a connector

  • How much can I charge for cleaning paving?

    For small areas you could consider a minimum charge. For areas bigger than 70 square metres a square metre can apply. Block Paving £2.50 sqm (200 – 250 sqm per day) Paving slabs/Tarmac/Floated Concrete £2.00 sqm (300 – 350 sqm per day)

  • How does the surface cleaner work?

    The rotary arm underneath rotates 2000 times a minute. It cuts through the dirt on top of the surface, slices through the moss and because of the novel design, keeps all the mess on the floor and not all over the surrounding areas

  • How do I get the machine into the back of my van?

    We sell Telescopic Ramps for wheeling the machine up and into the back of your van

Slip Stream Pro Questions

  • Can I purchase a surface cleaner to connect up to my pressure washer?

    Yes, your machine will need to have a minimum flow rate of 9 litres per minute. All we need to know is how many litres of water per minute your machine shifts so we can pair you up with the perfect surface cleaner. More importantly what connections your machine has, our surface cleaners come fitted with 22mm male connections so if your power hose is 22mm female, then perfect. If not, if you send us a picture of the end of your power hose, usually we can fit the surface cleaner with the connection you require

Stream a Clean Systems

  • How high can your water fed poles reach?

    With the introduction of our new SkyVac Reach poles we can get you up to 65ft

  • How high can your water fed poles reach?

    If you were to clean with tap water without drying the windows off you would be left with unsightly white streaking. Pure water cleans windows to a streak clean finish with no need to dry them off

  • Do I need to use pure water on UPVC?

    No, a mixture of tap water and detergent is fine on UPVC

  • Do I need different brushes to clean windows and UPVC?

    Yes, a flocked brush for UPVC and a slightly softer brush for window cleaning

  • How long does the resin last?

    Depends if you live in a hard or soft water area. As a rough guide a hard water area approximately 100 - 120 average sized houses. A semi soft area approximately 150 – 180 average sized houses. Soft water areas approximately 250 average sized houses

Gum Ranger Freestyle

  • How does it work?

    In the back pack there is a chewing gum removal solution this is pumped into the lance where there is a series of heating coils which heats the solution up to 90Degrees C. Then all you do is put the end of the lance onto the piece of gum which melts the gum and dissolves it into a powder for you to simply sweep away.

  • How much gum removal solution will I need for a day’s work?

    For the gas version you will need a ‘Service Box’ which contains 8 litres of chewing gum removal solution 4 gas canisters and 4 nozzles. These consumables will last for 8 hours - enough for a day’s work

  • How long do the batteries last on the battery powered version?

    The batteries last for 50 minutes. However, if you purchase a second battery you can then charge one battery while the other one is working as the charge time is only 50 minutes. This means the Gum Ranger Freestyle can run for 24 hours

  • How much gum can I remove in a day?

    Approximately 3000 pieces. Each piece takes between 4 – 6 seconds to remove

Wheelie Bin Cleaning Machine

  • How does the machine recycle the water?

    The bins are raised into the optimum position for cleaning. As the waste water runs out it is captured in a trough. The trough is fitted with a mesh that the water runs through into a second filter which has a finer mesh before returning to the tank.
    Then on the way to the pressure washer there is a third inline filter making water ready to use for more cleaning

  • Do you need a towing license for the Bin cleaner?

    You can tow a trailer as long as your gross weight of the vehicle & trailer doesn’t exceed 3500kg. If it does you will need a towing licence

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