skyVac® Mighty Atom With High Reach Pole System

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SkyVac Atom
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  • A SKYVAC BESTSELLER: Small but mighty, this gutter vacuum is an excellent all-round mains powered wet & dry vacuum. Designed for both domestic and commercial use. Featuring feisty suction AND blow function.
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The Mighty Atom weighs just 8KGs and is 79cm tall, making the vacuum easy to transport and stow away in your work van. Mounted on wheels, the Atom is ideal for on-the-go jobs.
  • ACCESS HEIGHTS OF UP TO 3 STOREYS: Supplied with featherlight poles, the SkyVac Atom is available in 3 different height packages, reaching gutters up to 34ft/10.5m high ... all from the safety of the ground.
  • BUILT FOR WET AND DRY CONDITIONS: This vacuum wasn't just made to withstand gutter clearing - use for a multitude of projects, including household cleaning. From puddles and spills to dust and debris - the Atom has you covered for it all. 
  • VARIETY OF TOOLS INCLUDED: For an incredible price, this all-round package features a variety of accessories including a complete floor tool kit, neck tool holders, suction hose, vac release pole and more. Cameras in our listing images are sold seperately, if you are interested in purchasing a camera please click here.
  • PURCHASE OUR GENERATORS AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE: Wanting a generator for your Mighty Atom? Select from the drop down option to buy our 2200w generator with a £50 discount when purchasing together.

Our Downloadable PDF about the Mighty Atom is available here. 

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The SkyVac® Mighty Atom.

Our best-selling, FEEFO five-star favourite ... and for good reason.

The SkyVac Mighty Atom is a powerful AND lightweight wet & dry commercial gutter cleaning vacuum, ideal to suit all of your cleaning business needs.

This single motor gutter vaccuum is compact enough to fit in a car or caddy van, and at just 8kg, is light enough to carry. At 35L and mounted on castors, the Atom is ideal for transporting in and out of the van and is perfect for properties and projects with tight access or parking. Featuring BOTH suction and blow features. 

Featuring 110" water lift and 3800LPM air flow: This vacuum takes on the everyday gutter clearance of leaves and roof moss, as well as challenging clogged gutters. Small but mighty, its capability of deadlifting up to 9kgs makes the Atom a force to be reckoned with. 

Powerful Blow Function: The Mighty Atom features standard blow function, providing you with a variety of cleaning options, including the removal of pine needles AND roof moss. 

Inbuilt 50mm cyclonic Side Entry Port: Propels fast-moving gutter debris around the sides of the solid polypropylene drum, to minimise blockages and maximise capacity.  

Click-lock Hose Attachment: For a quick on-site setup.  No time-consuming screwing in hoses and wearing out threads. The 50mm wire reinforced suction hose is lightweight and kink-resilient. 


High-Reach Suction Poles:

Available in a choice of 44mm Push Fit or 50mm Clamped Carbon Fibre Hybrid poles. Made to reach heights of up to 34ft, all from ground level.

Push Fit Poles: 

Weighing in at just 310gms per 1.5m pole, the 44mm push-fit poles slot together via a tapered end. 

These 44mm Poles are supplied with our EXCLUSIVE skyVac Vac Release Cuff (Patent: GB2567135) This cuff works to provide instant suction control, with a simple twist.

Supplied with two angled silicone neck tool holders and a selection of three gutter cleaning tools, this is a great value setup. 

Premium 44mm Clamped Suction Poles:

For greater stability & faster working.

These premium 44mm Clamped Poles are also supplied with our EXCLUSIVE skyVac Vac Release Cuff (Patent: GB2567135)

Available in three height options of 4, 6 and 7 x 1.5 metre poles, each set comes with a selection of specialist gutter cleaning tools (Contents will vary based on pole types chosen). 

50mm Clamped Poles: 

Our 50mm Clamped Poles provide greater control with minimal weight, at maximum height. 

This 50mm Clamped package is also supplied with our EXCLUSIVE skyVac Elite Vac Release Pole (Patent: GB2567135) made of extremely strong, but lightweight carbon fibre, this pole enables the operator to safely release gutter debris without the need for power.

It also includes our Anti-Block Hairpin Neck, with an oversized neck, to improve air circulation and eliminate blockages.

Weighing just 350gms per 1.5M, the clamped poles are easy to securely slotted together for high access. 

skyVac® Hairpin Neck Tool Holder:  European Community Design Registration Number 008458913
skyVac® Elite Vac Release Pole: Patented Technology: Patent GB2567135

Our Downloadable PDF about the Mighty Atom is available here. 




our blog is available here if you would like to keep up with all things gutter cleaning, pressure washing, high-level inspection and more.

More Information

SkyVac Mighty Atom:

  • Motor Wattage: 240 = 1600Ws 110v = 1200Ws/1400Ws
  • Water Lift: 110 Inches
  • Air Flow Movement: 3800LPM
  • Decibel Level: 60 dB
  • Container Capacity: 35 Litres
  • Mains Connection: 240v / 110v
  • Power Cable Length: 8M
  • Weight: 8KGs
  • Dimensions: 37L x 40W x 79H CM
  • Deadlift Capability: 9KG

Vac Entry Port:  

  • Cyclonic Side Entry: 50mm
  • Blow Port: 50mm 

SkyVac Van Sticker:

  • Sticker Size: 500mm x 300mm


Click Here For The Mighty Atom Spec Sheet.



The SkyVac® Mighty Atom is shipped in TWO Boxes:

  1. SkyVac Mighty Atom wet and dry vacuum.
  2. SkyVac® Pole system with accessories. 

Due to courier size restrictions, we send the 1) SkyVac® Mighty Atom and the 2) SkyVac® Pole System to you via TWO separate couriers. 

Your shipment will arrive on the same day, but via two separate deliveries. 


The wire-reinforced hose is shipped INSIDE the SkyVac® Mighty Atom Drum.



SkyVac Mighty Atom (Push Fit Pole Option):

  • 1 x SkyVac Mighty Atom (side entry)
  • 44mm Standard Carbon Fibre Hybrid Poles
  • 5M x 50mm Blue Wire Reinforced Suction Hose
  • 1 x Vac to Hose Cuff 50-51mm
  • 1 x Hose to Pole Cuff 50-44mm
  • 3 x Tools: Crevice End / Standard Dirt Breaker / Daily End Tool
  • 1 x 135 Degree Silicone Neck Tool Holder
  • 1 x 180 Degree Silicone Neck Tool Holder (flexi neck)
  • 1 x Round Brush for Internal Cleaning


SkyVac Mighty Atom (Clamped Pole Option):

  • 1 x SkyVac Mighty Atom (side entry)
  • 1 x 50mm Clamped Carbon Fibre Suction Pole
  • 1 x Elite Vac Release Pole
  • 5m x 50mm Blue Wire Reinforced Suction Hose
  • 1 x Vac to Hose Cuff 50-51mm
  • 1 x Hose to Pole Cuff 50-50mm Cuff 
  • Elite Hairpin Tool Holder
  • 5 x Elite Tools: Aluminium Long End Tool / Dual End Multi Tool / Aluminium Tapered End Tool / Long Soft Tool / Aluminium Crevice End Tool


SkyVac Mighty Atom (Premium 44mm Pole Option):

  • 1 x Cyclonic side Entry Atom (with 50mm Cyclonic Vac port)
  • 3 / 5 / 6 Premium 44mm Clamped Poles (Depending on Package Chosen)
  • 1 x Push Fit Pole
  • 1 x NEW 5m x  50mm blue Wire reinforced suction hose
  • 1 x Vac to Hose cuff 50-51mm / Hose to Pole 50-44 Cuff.
  • 3 x tools: Crevice End / Standard Dirt Breaker / Daily End Tool
  • 2 x silicone neck tool holders: 135 & 180 Degree Blue flexi neck tool Holder
  • 1 x Round brush (Internal Cleaning)
  • 1 x Vac Release Conversion Cuff


Included As Standard With All Package Options: 

  • 2M of 38mm Flexi-Hose with 50mm Vac to port cuff
  • 1 x Hose to pole cuff (for blow function) 
  • 2 x Aluminium / Plastic Tubes
  • 1 x Plastic Bend End Tool Holder
  • 1 x Wet Floor Brush
  • 1 x Dry Floor Brush
  • 1 x SkyVac Branded Pole and Tool Carry Case
  • 2 x SkyVac Van Stickers


Cameras in our listing images are sold seperately, if you are interested in purchasing a camera please click here.


  • Gutter Cleaning (up to 3+ storeys)
  • High-Reach Vacuuming (internal & external)
  • Leaf Blowing
  • Wet & Dry Pick Up (internal & external)
  • Pond Dredging
  • Hard To Access Tight Corners
  • Knitted Pine Needles 
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