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Gum Ranger™ Freestyle Service Box-1

The battery powered Gum Ranger Day Box will give your Gum Ranger System 8 hours of run time. 

Contained within the Day Box are three brass nozzles, two nylon nozzles and four bottles of Gum Removal Solution. For more information, see features section. 

Gum Ranger remover solution is a unique environmentally responsible non-hazardous gum detergent. The raw materials are derived from renewable resources. Neutral PH, fully bio-degradable phosphate free and non-corrosive. Specially developed for use only with Gum Ranger machine. 

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Gum Ranger Day Box contains a unique gum removal solution designed specifically for the Gum Ranger system. The gum removal solution once heated up through the Gum Ranger will dissolve the gum instantly. The solution exits the lance on the end the brass brush. For carpets, replace the brass brush with a nylon brush. Contained within the Day Box are three brass nozzles and two nylon nozzles. 

  • 4 x 2L Gum Removal Solution (enough for 8 hours work)
  • 3 x Brass Brushes
  • 2 x Nylon Brushes
  • For Gum Ranger Battery Powered option only
  • Servicing the Gum Ranger - Gum Removal Machine
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