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A skyVac® bestseller - Now available with cyclonic side entry port!

Compact, lightweight & Powerful (1600 Watts). The Atom is a great all-round mains powered wet & dry vacuum for domestic and commercial use.  With featherlight poles, the skyVac® Atom is available in 3 “height packages” to reach gutters up to 3 stories / 34ft / 10.5m high. 

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Offer EXCLUSIVE to, and subject to availability, T&Cs apply.  Valid from Monday 7th June – Sunday 1st August 2021.



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Known in the Industry as the "Window Cleaner's Favourite" this skyVac® Bestseller and FEEFO five star favourite is now available with a Cyclonic Side Entry!  

More than just a Wet & Dry Vacuum, the skyVac® Atom is a ready to go business opportunity.  So whether you are looking to start a new business or expand your existing business into gutter clearing, this gutter vacuum system is a great Little Investment with a Big payback.   

Our customers just can't get enough of the 1600 Watt "mini mighty" - See what they have to say and share on the socials #spinaclean #skyvac.  

NEW for 2021:  

  1. Cyclonic Side Entry Port:  Larger 50mm Vac port - Click /Lock

  2. Clamped Poles:  Larger 50mm NEW Clamped pole packages now available, including 1 x skyVac Elite Vac Release Cuff pole* (standard 44mm push fit packages available)

  3. Lightweight Hose*:  New, longer 5m wire reinforced suction hose 

  4. Elite Hairpin Tool Holder*:  Unique tool holder to minimise blockages 

* All above items are available exclusive to the cyclonic side entry Atom. 


The skyVac® Mighty Atom Overview:

A powerful all round wet and dry industrial vacuum, our best-selling skyVac® Atom, NOW with cyclonic side entry port, has 35L capacity is ideal for domestic and commercial use.  Engineered to offer exceptional high-level cleaning results up to 3 stories /34ft / 10.5m in height, the skyVac® Mighty Atom offers 1600watts of power, is robust, reliable and easy to use.

The NEW, larger sized, 50mm cyclonic vac port, not only increases air flow for faster results, but also reduces blockages, by circulating debris entering the drum.  The system also features a handy blow port, ideal for leaf blowing. 

Its compact design and wheels make it easy to manoeuvre, perfect for locations with restricted access. At 8 kilos, the skyVac® Atom is easy to transport, fitting comfortably in a family vehicle. Easy to maintain, it features a washable filter and is mains powered. To empty, simply remove the lid and tip the contents away.

Now available in two light-weight carbon fibre hybrid poles options, the standard 44mm diameter push fit poles, and NEW 50mm diameter Clamped suction poles.   At just 350gms, our new clamped poles are light and rigid, ideal for gutter clearing, but are also compatible with the patent pending skyVac® Elite Vac release cuff, along with the NEW skyVac® Hairpin neck tool holder. (Both items offering as standard in clamped pole packages). 

With packages available from 20ft to 34ft, working safely at a height is simple. Our lightweight interchangeable carbon fibre poles can be customised to suit heights and angles enabling a sole operator to access hard to reach locations such as above conservatories.

For projects in the home, garage or garden, the skyVac® Atom makes light work of gutter clutter, rubble, sawdust, sludge, spills and standing water.  Also ideal for getting rid of cobwebs and dust in those hard to reach internal areas such as high ceilings and fixtures, exposed beams on barn conversions and stairwells. 

The perfect addition for any property owner or for cleaning professionals looking to offer gutter cleaning services.  We've put together a list of blog posts that may be of interest, click here to read more. 


skyVac® Mighty Atom Machine:

  • 1600 Watts mains powered wet and dry vacuum. 
  • 110 Inches of Water Lift - ideal for everyday gutter cleaning projects.
  • 3,800 Litres Per Minute Air Flow - for powerful dust and debris removal
  • NEW Cyclonic 50mm side entry port – with easy click lock vac to hose attachment
  • 8kg in weight - Compact and lightweight, for easy storage and transport.
  • 35 Litres container with 27 Litres of debris capacity.
  • Blow Function – NEW 50mm blow port, ideal for leaf blowing. 
  • NEW 5M wire reinforced 50mm suction hose – (Cyclonic Atom only) lightweight and easy to manoeuvre* 
  • Removable and washable filter (we recommend having a spare) 
  • Wheeled chassis (2 x oversized fixed rear and 2 multi-directional front castors).
  • Dry pick up - ideal for carpets and flooring as well as high reach surfaces and areas.
  • Wet pick up - ideal for clearing blocked drains and standing water 
  • Hard working Wet & Dry vacuum, for those projects too tough for a household vacuum.  Perfect for property maintenance and DIY projects in the gutter, garage, garden or car.
  • 18 months manufacturer’s warranty – Exclusive to 
*5 Metre Reinforced 50mm suction hose - with 50mm Cyclonic Vac Entry Port only.  Standard front enrty comes with 38mm suction hose. 
Click here to read more about Watts, Inch Water Lift, Air Flow.
Click here to read more about the NEW Mighty Atom with Cyclonic side entry port.  

skyVac Pole Comparison Chart

skyVac® Push Fit Carbon Fibre Suction Pole Set: 

  • Each 1.5 metre skyVac® suction pole is made of lightweight  and durable carbon fibre hybrid materials 
  • 310gms weight per pole.
  • 44mm diameter poles  
  • Interconnecting poles easily slot together (via a tapered end) to achieve your desired height up to 34ft. 
  • Includes 2 x Silicone Flexi Tool Holders:  135 & 180 degree
  • Includes 3 gutter cleaning tools: Crevice End / Standard Dirt Breaker /Daily End Tool 
  • Includes floor tool kit (as below), small round brush for internal cleaning, along with skyVac® branded carry bag to transport and store poles and tools.  


skyVac® NEW Clamped Carbon Fibre Suction Pole Set: (Cyclonic Atom Only).

  • Secure clamping mechanism - Top clamp locks the ridged base pole in place. 
  • skyVac® Elite Vac Release cuff – 1 pole included in each clamped package. 
  • Each 1.5 metre skyVac® suction pole is made of ultra-lightweight and durable carbon fibre hybrid materials 
  • 350gms weight per pole.
  • 50mm diameter poles  
  • Interconnecting poles easily slot together - to achieve your desired height up to 34ft. 
  • skyVac® Elite Hairpin tool holder – for firmer control and less risk of blockages
  • Compatible with the skyScraper and can be used for roof cleaning
  • Compatible with skyVac® Elite specialist neck angles and end tools.
  • 6 x Tools:  Aluminium Crevice end tool / Aluminium dirt breaker / Aluminium Tapered end tool / Aluminium Long end tool / Aluminium Scalloped End Tool / Elite long soft tool
  • Includes floor tool kit (as below), along with skyVac® branded carry bag to transport and store poles and tools. 

skyVac® Hairpin Neck Tool Holder:  European Community Design Registration Number 008458913


skyVac® Floor Tool kit:

  • Internal floor tool kit - for carpets and hard floors.
  • 2 Metres of 38mm Hose with 2 x cuffs (inc 50-38mm Vac Port-hose) 
  • 3 brushes: 1) Carpet 2) Hard floor 3) Water pick up. 
  • Handles (comes in 3 sections). 


Photocredit: Clear Vision Window Cleaning UK @clear_vision_windowcleaning_uk


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skyVac Atom wet and dry gutter vacuum

50% Off SkyVac® Real Time Inspection System when purchased with a skyVac Mighty Atom or SkyVac Commerical

Full Terms and conditions:

  • *SkyVac® Real Time Camera system Reg Price £312 inc Vat (Ex Vat £260) Offer Price £156 Inc Vat (Ex Vat £130) 
  • Offer exclusive to and cannot be redeemed at other SkyVac® stockists or online retailer.  
  • Offer applies to standalone purchases of the skyVac® Mighty Atom / skyVac® Commercial.  It is not valid on purchases made as part of a set or package.  
  • Offer is limited to one 50% off “Real Time” camera system per person, per household. 
  • Offer applies to SkyVac® Real Time camera system only and cannot be substituted for any other product.
  • This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offers, promotions or voucher codes.
  • Offer cannot be exchanged for cash.  Offer only applicable on purchases of Atom / Commercial in conjunction with the Real time Camera.  Individual returned items will be reimbursed at the original selling price.
  • Offer is subject to availability. 
  • Spinaclean reserve the right to amended or withdraw this offer at any time.
  • Offer Valid from Monday 7th June – Sunday 1st August 2021. 
More Information

skyVac® Mighty Atom Specifications:

  • Motor Wattage: 1600 watts max
  • Water Lift: 110”
  • Air Flow Movement: 3800 litres per minute
  • Decibel Level: 60 dB
  • Container Capacity: 35 litres
  • Mains Connection: 240v
  • Power Cable Length: 8 metres
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Dimensions: 37L x 40W x 79H CM
  • Deadlift Capability: 9KG


Vac Entry Port:  

  • Cyclonic side Entry:  50mm
  • Blow Port:  50mm 



The SkyVac® Mighty Atom is shipped in TWO Boxes:

  1. SkyVac Mighty Atom wet and dry vacuum.
  2. SkyVac® Pole system with accessories. 

Due courier size restrictions, we send the 1) SkyVac® Mighty Atom, and the 2) SkyVac® pole system to you via TWO separate couriers. 

Your shipment will arrive on the same day, but via two separate deliveries. 


The wire reinforced hose is shipped INSIDE the SkyVac® Mighty Atom Drum.


  • 1 x Cyclonic side Entry Atom (with 50mm Cyclonic Vac port).
  • 44mm Standard Carbon Fibre hybrid Poles
  • NEW 5m x  50mm Wire reinforced suction hose
  • 1 Vac to Hose cuff 50-51mm / Hose to Pole 50-44 Cuff.
  • 3 x tools:  Crevice End / Standard Dirt Breaker / Daily End Tool 
  • 2 x silicone neck tool holders:  135 & 180 Degree Blue flexi neck tool Holder
  • Round brush (Internal Cleaning). 



  • 1 x Cyclonic side Entry Atom (with 50mm Cyclonic Vac port).
  • NEW 50mm clamped carbon fibre hybrid suction pole
  • 1 x Elite Vac Release Pole
  • NEW 5m x 50mm Wire reinforced suction hose
  • 1 Vac to Hose cuff 50-51 / Hose to Pole 50-50 Cuff.
  • Elite Hairpin tool holder 
  • 6 x Tools:  Aluminium Crevice end tool / Aluminium dirt breaker / Aluminium Tapered end tool / Aluminium Long end tool / Aluminium Scalloped End Tool / Elite long soft tool  


FLOOR TOOL KIT (All Models & Pole Packages) 

  • 2 Metres of 38mm standard flexi-hose with 50mm Vac to port cuff / 1 x Hose to pole cuff for blow function
  • 2 x aluminium/plastic tubes
  • 1 x plastic bend end tool holder
  • 1 x wet floor brush 
  • 1 x dry floor brush
  • 1 x carpet floor brush
  • skyVac branded pole and tool kit carry case
  • Gutter cleaning (up to 3 storeys high)
  • High-reach vacuuming (Internal & External) 
  • Leaf blowing (added blow function feature)
  • Wet and dry pick up (indoors or outdoors)
  • Pond dredging
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