skyVac® External Suction Pole Set High-Reach Gutter Clearing

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External Suction Pole Sets
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Clear gutters up to 40ft high, all from the safety of the ground with the skyVac® light weight carbon fibre pole set with accessories.  Comprising 1.5m poles, angled tool holders, end tools, flexi hose and cuff, the set offers a comprehensive gutter cleaning solution.

skyVac® External Pole set is compatible with the skyVac® Atom and Commercial.


These skyVac® Suction Pole sets allow access to typically inaccessible gutters, all from the safety of the ground and up to a height of 40ft. Compatible with the skyVac® Commercial and skyVac® Atom, these poles and accessories are able to tackle a wide variety of gutter cleaning tasks, providing effective results every time.  Interconnecting poles easily slot together (via a tapered end) to achieve your desired height and have a 44mm diameter.

The pole sets come complete with 8 end tools and accessories, with them there are a number of high level cleaning jobs that can be done easily and efficiently. The crevice end tool can reach into gutters where roof tiles are encroaching onto them, the dirt breaker effectively breaks down dirt and debris to make for easier vacuuming. The long daily end tool is useful for reaching into deeper gutters and downpipes, and the daily end tool is ideal for most general gutter cleaning needs. The reducer tool helps you to reach further into tight spaces and corners within the gutter, ensuring that it is completely clear from blockages. 

This set also comes with the Flexi Hose Cuff to attach your poles to your machine’s Flexi Hose. Available in either 44mm or 52mm diameter.

Key Features:

  • Strong but lightweight carbon fibre suction poles
  • A range of accessories for most gutter cleaning needs
  • Available in either 44mm or 52mm diameter (via flexi hose cuff). 
More Information
  • Weight: 206g per pole
  • Length: 1.5m per pole
  • Diameter: 44mm or 52mm
  • 4-6 Carbon Fibre Suction Poles (dependant on package choice) 
  • 5 x Gutter Cleaning End Tools
  • 2 x Flexi-Necks 
  • 1 x Cuff
  • skyVac branded carry bag for tools and poles 

High level gutter cleaning, up to 40ft all from the safety of the ground

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