Stream a Clean Multi Purpose Detergent

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Stream a Clean Multi Purpose Detergent
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  • CLEAN A VARIETY OF SURFACES: This multi-purpose detergent is a strong degreaser that can clean all surfaces and floors. Working to effectively remove dirt and stains from carpets, fabrics AND clothing.


Stream A Clean Multi Purpose Detergent.

Multi-purpose cleaning detergent suitable for a range of cleaning tasks and suitable for use on most water washable surfaces. 

The concentrated solution is formulated with natural solvents from oranges, for effective results with a refreshing citrus scent. 

Can be used to remove: tar, ink, polish, grease, oil, wax & adhesives.

Can be used on:  Most water washable surfaces including glass, formica, ceramics, terrazzo, most metals, plastics, GRP & canvas.

It also extremely effective at removing dirt and stains from carpets and fabrics also clothing.


How to Use:

Dilute the concentrated solution to suit the level of soiling in the area being treated and apply with a watering can, sprayer or inline soap dispenser.   

  • Light everyday cleaning: dilute upto 1:100 parts warm or cold water
  • General cleaning duties: dilute 1:40 parts warm water
  • Oil, grease & ink removal: dilute 1:20 parts hot water
  • Heavy duty cleaning: dilute up to 1:10 parts Hot water
For ease of application, we offer an IndustrialBackpack or Trolley Sprayer.
For windows, sofits and fascias, we offer an inline soap dispenser.  
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