Internal High-Level Cleaning Equipment

Our robust range of high-level internal vacuuming machines have been specially designed to clean previously inaccessible areas. The easy to maintain skyVac® systems have a unique airflow for rapid dust extraction, suitable for cleaning a range of environments such as airports, shopping centres, offices, universities and hospitals.

skyVac® Internal Cleaning Vacuums
skyVac® Internal Cleaning Vacuums
skyVac® Internal High Reach Poles
skyVac® Internal High Reach Poles
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skyVac® Internal High Reach Poles
skyVac® Internal High Reach Poles
skyVac® Internal Accessories
skyVac® Internal Accessories
skyVac® Vacuum Consumables
skyVac® Vacuum Consumables

skyVac® Specialist Gutter Vacuums. What's the perfect one for you?

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Our Carbon Fibre Technology

Spinaclean’s carbon fibre pole sets are made of advanced ultra-light weight and extremely strong material most often found in aerospace and expensive super cars.

Our new skyVac® ‘Elite’ gutter cleaning poles have the lightest weight to size ratio on the gutter cleaning market at only 186 grams per metre as well as improved rigidity, especially at 40ft from the ground. Compatible with all industrial SkyVac’s or as an individual item.

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Why skyVac® ?

  • Massive 150 inch water lift makes it the world’s most powerful mains powered gutter cleaning machine
  • Unique suction PowerMix lever creates 50% more suction than competitors
  • Ground Breaking Patent Protected Vacuum release pole, can halve the normal cleaning time!
  • Lightest and most manageable carbon fibre poles on the market
  • Engineered with one slide glide entry, ensuring blockage free results every time
  • Designers of the first, free-standing, petrol-powered gutter cleaning machine; The Interceptor!

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