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Telescopic Vacuum Pole
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Get High Level dusting - with your existing vacuum!

Reach greater heights with your current vacuum with the unique skyVac® telescopic pole.  Constructed of lightweight carbon fibre, the innovative suction pole can access high level dusting projects up to 8.5M (28Ft)  – all from the safety of the ground.  With a collapsed height of 5.7ft, it’s easy to store and quick to assemble.  

  • Available in FOUR height options, select required from the drop down.
  • Please select correct diameter hose cuff (Instructions in body copy)

Transform you existing vacuum into a high-level cleaning solution! 

Cobwebs and dust can quickly build up in those hard-to-access locations.  High ceilings, windowsills, ledges, ducting, beams and air conditioning systems are a haven for dust – and tantalisingly out of reach for the standard vacuum. 

You can see the dust, but you just can’t get to it – Or can you? 

Another FIRST from for skyVac® and shortlisted for the INCLEAN Innovation awards for 2019.

The unique skyVac® Telescopic suction pole can transform your existing vacuum into a high-level dusting solution.  Simply attach the telescopic pole to the end of your suction hose*, feather up to the required height and get vacuuming.  

Made of premium high modulus carbon fibre, the suction pole is incredibly lightweight at just 195gms per metre.  Feather up the segments to the perfect working height, and the rigid construction ensures maximum control at full height.  The space saving telescopic design collapses down to just 5ft7* for easy to storage and transport, but also very quick to extend to maximum height. 


Available in FOUR height Packages: 

  • 4M (13.1Ft) - Pole kit   
  • 5.5M (18.1Ft) Pole Kit - which includes a 1.5M Suction Pole  
  • 7M (23ft) - Pole kit 
  • 8.5M (28ft) Pole kit 30ft - which includes a 1.5M Suction Pole  

Assortment of End Tools and Neck angles: 

Each kit comes with 2 angled tool holders and brushes to adapt your high-level pole set for precision dusting. 

The carbon fibre tool holders are at 65° and 155°, allowing for effective cleaning at difficult angles.

An assortment of sized and shaped brushes can effectively tackle a range of locations from windowsills, to beams, vents, radiators, piping through to ducting.  Choose from a soft round brush, large black pivot brush, small sidewinder, large white straight brush, radiator brush, small half round vac brush to make the inaccessible, accessible. 

The skyVac® telescopic suction pole, angled end tool holders and assorted brushes are easy to store and transport in the branded carry case. 

Quick, lightweight and accessible - for maximum results with minimum effort! 



Why is High level cleaning / dusting so Important?

It’s not just about presenting a tidy and clean image to your customers and staff, it’s an important hygiene and safety practise too.  If left unchecked high-level dust can lead to a reduction in air quality as well as posing a potential fire risk.   Keeping on top of high-level dusting, is also a great way to manage low level dust. 


How do I know if it will fit my vacuum cleaner? 

To use the suction pole with your existing vacuum, you will need a specialist Telescopic Soft Hose cuff. 

Available in three Hose sizes, the cuff screws onto your existing vacuum hose and slides over the end of the suction pole. 

To find out what size cuff will fit your hose, measure the INNER diameter of your vacuum hose and then select the correct sized cuff from the drop-down menu:

A) 32mm B) 36mm C) 38mm


How do I use the skyVac® Telescopic Suction Pole? 

First, select the right end brush and neck angle to suit the high-level cleaning project.  Slot the brush onto the angled neck and insert into the top of the skyVac® Telescopic Suction Pole.  

Take your vacuum hose with specialist end cuff attached and slide it over the end of the pole.  Now you are ready to take on high level cleaning.  Simply unclamp the lever at each segment, feather up to the required height and lock the sections in place. 

With the 5.5M and 8.5M kits, an additional 1.5M extension pole slots into the top of the Telescopic suction pole. 



More Information

4M (13.1ft) Telescopic Suction Pole:

Construction:  High Modulus Carbon Fibre

Collapsed Height:  1M 67cm (5.5Ft) 

2 collapsible sections and two clamps

Diameter:  44mm

Weight: 824gms 


7M (23ft) Telescopic Suction Pole:

Construction:  High Modulus Carbon Fibre

Collapsed Height:  1M 75cm (5.75Ft)

4 collapsible sections and clamps 

Diameter:  44mm 

Weight: 1282gms (1.282kg) 


1.5M Suction Pole: 

Construction:  Carbon Fibre / Fibre Glass Hybrid 

Diameter:  44mm 

Weight:  310gms 


Telescopic Suction Pole:

Angled Neck tool Holders: 

  • 1 x 65° Carbon Fibre Tool Holder
  • 1 x 155° Carbon Fibre Tool Holder


  • 1 x Soft Round Brush
  • 1 x Large Black Pivot Brush
  • 1 x Small Sidewinder/ Flexi Neck Brush
  • 1 x Large White Straight Brush
  • 1 x Radiator Brush
  • 1 x Small Half Round Vac Brush

1 x Carry Bag for Poles and Accessories:

Telescopic Pole to suction Cuff 

1 x 44mm Pole to A)32mm B)36mm C)38mm hose cuff

Ideal for high reach internal vaccuming applications up to 30ft (based on fully extended height of pole and operator). 

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