skyVac® Elite Dual End Tool Tool for Gutter Cleaning

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  • A MULTI-PURPOSE TOOL: This Dual End Tool is a 2-in-1 gutter cleaning end tool, giving you a standard end tool and specialist end tool all in one! Why carry multiple tools when you can have one that does it all?


SkyVac Elite Dual End Tool.

This multi-purpose end tool is essential to any gutter cleaning armoury. Minimise the equipment you need to pack for a day’s work and keep this 2-in-1 tool on standby. Time is money when you are on the job, you won’t need to spend time trying to find tools when its all in one. Simply unclamp, flip your tool, and get back to gutter cleaning in a matter of seconds! 

Use the standard dirtbreaker to make your way through gutters daily, the slanted end is ideal for breaking down tough gutter growths into smaller chunks, however for the jobs that require a bit more of a fight, the scalloped end tool is going to be your best mate.

Utilise the curved sides to slice and chop through the more dense or frozen turf as well as benefiting from the improved air flow thanks to the unique design which allows air to enter from both sides.

Made from durable aluminium, both tools are a useful, robust addition to your SkyVac® Elite gutter cleaning kit.

1) The standard dirtbreaker will serve your everyday gutter cleaning needs, the slanted aluminium end efficiently breaks through dirt and turf making for an easy removal. 

2) The scalloped aluminium end tool helps tackle the more stubborn turf. The shaped edges and narrow tip allow better suction power to circulate around the gutter and allows debris to be removed more swiftly and stops the tool end from sticking to the base of the gutter. But that’s not all! The shaped edges allow you to slice through tougher gutter debris and breakthrough down pipe blockages. 

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  • 1 x Elite Dual End Tool

Conveniently switching end tools in a matter of seconds. Also ideal for removing more stubborn gutter growth and improved air flow.

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