6 Benefits of Buying Equipment on Finance:

6 Benefits of Buying Equipment on Finance:

When it comes to setting up your own business, we understand that sorting out finance can be a real headache.  We know, we’ve been there!

That’s why we have partnered with Oxford Funding, an Independent business equipment finance brokerage to help businesses like yours to secure the equipment they need to get started or to expand.   Established in 1990, Oxford Funding pride themselves on offering a personalised hassle-free experience which is why Spinaclean have been proud to work with them for the last five years. 

To help you weigh up the options we’ve put together the a list of the benefits. 



1. Invest in the right equipment for your business. 

2. Hassle & Stress Free. 

3. Tax Allowable expense. 

4. Fixed Interest Rate

5. Spread the Cost 

6. Keep your money in the bank


1: Invest in the right equipment for your business. 

Perhaps you are looking to start your own business, or perhaps you are an existing business looking to expand to offer more cleaning services, we understand that investing in the right equipment, is crucial to your success.   Your time is your money, and your money is your time.  The faster and more thoroughly you can complete each task the more jobs you can fit into the day and the quicker you can build your business and your finances.  Invest in your time and by investing in the right equipment.  Ok, that is easier said than done when it comes to getting working capital together!


2: Hassle & Stress Free. 

In this current climate it can be a real struggle, especially for new business start-ups, to secure funding.  Banks building societies or loan providers often offer high lending fees, lower amounts, or shorter terms than required making it difficult to afford the right equipment.  

Oxford Funding take all the hassle and stress away with their lease and HP finance options going above and beyond , they secure the best rates to get your business off the ground.   They shop around, doing all the leg work (and form filling) required to get funding in place enabling you to focus on building the business. 


3: Tax Allowable Expense:  

And the good news is… as an allowable business expense, you can claim Tax Relief on every penny you pay under your finance agreement.  If you are a normal taxpayer this can mean you save more in tax than you pay in finance charges. So, it can be cheaper to lease than pay cash. Oxford funding will give you a specific quote relating to you and the equipment you buy.  They can also give you the exact tax saving you will make.


4: Fixed Interest Rate

No unwelcome surprises from fluctuating interest rates helping you to keep on top of your monthly outgoings.  One fixed rate for the duration of the loan. 


5: Spread the Cost:

Whether you are looking for a short-term loan to help get you started or a longer-term arrangement (up to 36 months) to help you juggle your business costs.  Oxford Funding will work with you to understand, support and tailor the timings to support the financial needs of your business. 


6: Keep your money in the bank: 

Being able to spread the cost of equipment over a longer period means that you can be more flexible with your finances.  No initial large outlays mean that you can start to build the business without dipping into your savings or maxing out the credit cards.  You can reinvest to support the growth of the business with marketing activities, more equipment or put the funds away for a rainy day. 


  “Ok, so I'm interested,

  I have my eye on one of your awesome Skyvac® gutter   cleaning machines,

  What do I do now?”



  1. Use our FINANCE CALCULATOR  to get a rough guideline of the monthly cost of the equipment that you are looking to purchase.

  2. Fill out the ENQUIRY FORM for Oxford Funding on our website 

  3. OXFORD FUNDING WILL CONTACT YOU DIRECTLY and do all the work to get your finance approved and set up (with the aim to have a formal offer back with you the same or next day)


This service is completely FREE to Spinaclean customers. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your finance needs with one of the Spinaclean team, please contact us on 01604 968700 or email [email protected] 


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