Dealer spotlight: Speedy growth and a brand-new showroom for skyVac dealers Karl and Lindsey

Dealer spotlight: Speedy growth and a brand-new showroom for skyVac dealers Karl and Lindsey

Our dealers are a key part of what makes the Spinaclean family great, and to highlight the brilliant work they do, we will be talking to our dealers regularly to get their insight on their business successes and the challenges they face. As well as learning why, they chose to become part of the skyVac family!

This month, we’re talking to Karl, of Spare and Square Ltd to learn about their recent business growth and what the future looks like for them…

So, tell us about yourself;

I’m Karl, and together with my partner Lindsey, we own and operate Spare and Square Ltd and CCM – Commercial Cleaning Machines, in North Derbyshire/South Yorkshire. We sell, repair, and hire a wide range of cleaning machines and products. We started trading in early 2021, and it’s been all go from there!

What’s your background?

I’ve been in the industry for decades. Before we set up Spare and Square, I was a business development manager for another company in the same sector for around 6 years, and before that, I worked as an engineer repairing domestic and commercial cleaning equipment. So, I like to think that I know what works and what doesn’t!

What appealed to you about becoming a skyVac dealer?

I dealt with Spinaclean in a previous role and loved the product range and the fantastic customer support I experienced.

Being part of many cleaning forums and groups on social media, I was always seeing Spinaclean and skyVac mentioned and noticed how positive the comments and feedback always were, particularly around customer service which is something we always look for with any supplier we work with. I also wanted to offer my customer base a range of products I knew, trusted, and had full confidence in.

What sort of growth have you experienced since you started in 2021?

An impressive amount! We started out from our home workshop in early 2021, but things grew so quickly that we took on our latest premises in August 2021 and opened our store in September 2021.

We’re currently having a brand new 2500 sq. ft showroom built on our site, along with new offices and a meeting room (something we had not planned to do for at least 5 years!) The aim is to give our customers an even better experience and choice. This is all due for completion in January 2024 and we’ll have an open day later in the year when the weather improves!

Once that’s done, work starts on transforming our existing building into more efficient storage as well as developing a brand-new servicing department and workshop. All being well, we should complete this by Summer 2024.

What are your plans/hopes for the next 5 years?

Well, we want to continue growing our fantastic team. We have just had a new team member join our customer support team and have another new team member starting in December.

Next year will also be our first time exhibiting at a trade show, with a couple more planned if all goes well.

Future hopes are quite simple, we want to continue to develop our customer base, particularly in the local area, and grow our reputation for great customer service, excellent products, and honest advice.

We hope to continue to build on the relationships we have with our trusted suppliers and continue growing and developing our wonderful team. Almost 3 years in, and we are loving the journey so far, so I hope we continue to enjoy the challenges and rewards- I cannot wait to see where we are in another 5 years!

What’s your favourite Spinaclean product?

Elite poles – Elite poles – in my opinion, they’re a real game changer in high-reach cleaning; nothing else on the market comes close.

What’s your bestseller?

The Mighty Atom with suction pole kit

What do Spinaclean do well as a supplier?

Great stock levels, exceptional customer service, and easy communication. Their commitment to innovation and improvement of the product line is also really exciting.

What could we do better for you?

Nothing, please keep being awesome. The whole team love working with you guys!