Introducing our ATEX specialist Andy Carney

Introducing our ATEX specialist Andy Carney

Spinaclean are delighted to welcome Andy Carney as the new member of the team. Get the heads up on him below:

What is your job title? Business development manager

What are your responsibilities? Business development strategy focussing on the Skyvac ATEX range. This involves identifying appropriate market sectors; increasing product and brand awareness amongst the sectors and developing strategic relationships.

What do you feel you can bring to your new job? I have 16 years’ experience within the soft services and FM sector and understand the challenges that this market sector faces: prior to that, I gained extensive operational safety experience within the railway industry so I am accustomed with critical environments and safe systems of work within high-risk locations. I am a strong believer in developing relationships and long term partnerships with clients at all levels.

What are your first impressions of Spinaclean? Great people and great products

What do you like to do outside of work – your hobbies? Travelling to warmer climates; composing and recording music; cooking

How would your friends describe you? Welsh with a sense of humour


Quick fire questions…

When I was younger I wanted to be…A professional musician

My pet hate is…Queues

If I could have a special power it would be…Invisible

If I won the lottery tomorrow, I’d…Open a bottle of champaign

If I was stranded on a desert island, I couldn’t live without… Sunglasses and my iPod