With over 13 years of experience in the gutter clearing industry, skyVac® has pioneered many of the innovations that have made the process safer, faster and easier.  We were the first company to introduce the cyclonic side entry port for gutter vacuums, and with this new addition to the Atom, it now features as standard across our skyVac® range. 





Introducing the skyVac® Mighty Atom with cyclonic side entry port. 

As a customer favourite, we wanted to thoroughly challenge and test our NEW skyVac® 1,600Watt Mighty Atom with cyclonic side entry port, with gutter cleaning professionals, before adding it to our gutter vacuum line up.  Well, after months of field trials, miles of clogged gutters, sludge, leaves and challenging clumps, we’re proud to announce that the skyVac® Mighty Atom gutter vacuum system, with cyclonic side entry port, rose to the challenge.  So, what did the professionals have to say about it?

“I’ve been working with the skyVac® Atom for a number of years.  A powerful little gutter clearing vacuum that fits neatly in the van and has been a great little earner for my business.  It just gets the job done.

I’ve tested two different set ups with the cyclonic side entrance.  

Firstly, I simply switched drums over, from the front to side entry port, but keeping my existing Atom 38mm flexi hose and carbon fibre 44mm push fit poles.  I noticed a difference in suction right away, and I was getting through projects about 20% faster than I would with the previous set up and with no blockages.  

Secondly, I used the side entry drum with the new 50mm Wire reinforced suction hose, and the Elite 50mm poles.  What a game changer!   It powers through gutter jobs.  I’d say it was about 40% faster than the original set up and with no blockages, not even with pine needles. 

The Elite lightweight poles with the Vac release cuff are just so much easier to work with and give you more control. The telescopic poles has an increased diameter, which means you aren’t having to chop debris up as much, so less strain on the arms!

The cyclonic side entry just gets jobs done faster! I was able to provide professional gutter cleaning services and great customer service. Josh Courtney:  Courtney’s Exterior Cleaning & Property Maintenance Ltd. 


How much weight can a skyVac atom lift?


So, there you have it!  All the same great features that you love about the skyVac® Atom, but with improved performance, and upgrades, for an even better user experience. 

Quite simply put, the skyVac® Mighty Atom is better, faster, and easier, so, let us explain why. 


What’s the benefit of having a cyclonic inlet / side entry port on a gutter vacuum as opposed to a front entry port?

With a side entry port, gutter debris entering the system, is propelled around the drum walls in a circular motion, spiralling around and down into the base of the drum.  So, debris is evenly dispersed throughout the drum, rather than concentrated in one area.  It’s a bit like a high velocity helter-skelter for gutter clutter!

There are two main benefits of a cyclonic inlet on a gutter Vacuum.

  • 1) Eliminates blockages.
  • 2) Maximise drum space. 


What’s the performance difference between the front entry and cyclonic side entry skyVac® Atom. 

Our bestselling front entry model delivers, 3,800 LPM air flow along with 110 Inch Water lift.  Making the inlet port larger, from 38mm to 50mm, allows more air to pulled into the vacuum by the motor, resulting in more power.  Debris in guttering and downpipes is sucked faster into the system, making gutter cleaning projects even quicker to complete.   

And, it just keeps getting better...  

As a customer favourite we wanted to offer a range of pole, neck and tool options, to appeal to the infrequent and the hardcore Atom users.  We are also now offering NEW 50mm Clamped Carbon Fibre Suction poles.  These light-weight, high reach poles, can be used with the skyscraper (sold seperately), for the option to offer roof scraping as an additional service. 

With prices starting at £515 (Ex Vat), the skyVac® Mighty Atom is available in three pole packages (4,6 & 7 pole) to reach up to 3 stories / 34ft / 10.5m high. 


What else is New on the skyVac® Mighty Atom?

  • NEW cyclonic Side Entry Vac port: – to reduce blockages and maximise drum capacity. 
  • NEW longer 5 metre 50mm Wire Reinforced Vacuum hose: - an upgrade in length and width from the current 4.5 metre and 38 mm width flexi hose.  The smoother, broader profile allows more air and debris to speed through the hose.  With an integral wired framework, the hose So, it’s easier to move about without the risk of kinks and gets the job done faster.
  • NEW 50mm Clamped Carbon Fibre suction poles:- (For full details see below)
  • NEW Hairpin Rigid Neck Tool*: - Features a gentle curve rather than a standard bend, which improves airflow and eases debris through the 135 degree angle. (*As standard with 50mm Clamped Carbon Fibre Pole set only)


What gutter vacuum poles are available with the NEW skyVac® Mighty Atom?

  • NEW 50mm Clamped Carbon Fibre Poles:  weighing just 350gms per 1.5m length.  This versatile high reach pole system not only comes with the skyVac® Elite Vac Release Pole (patent pending) for instant suction control, but can also be used for roof cleaning.  Simply clamp the Skyscraper with Elite connector to your top pole and you are ready to scrape roof moss (sold seperately). 
  • Carbon Fibre 44mm Push Fit Poles: weighing just 310gms per 1.5m length. 

So, there's a cyclonic Mighty Atom system, to suit your budget, and your height requirement! 

skyVac Pole Comparison Chart

skyVac® Mighty Atom Gutter vacuum with cyclonic side entrance



I have an Atom, what are the cyclonic upgrade options for me? 


I have a front entry port skyVac Atom, can I upgrade my gutter vac to a cyclone side entry port?

Yes!  Existing Atom owners can purchase the standard 38mm front entry port, 38mm flexi-hose and 44mm push fit poles - we are offering a skyVac® Mighty Atom Drum with a 50mm – 38mm cuff converter.

Simply attach your existing flexi-hose to the new 50mm -38mm cuff, and you are good to go! 

We've also looked at some other options to get the most out of your upgraded system, such as adding the NEW 50mm wire reinforced suction hose to match the larger sized 50mm on the cyclonic side inlet.  

Or add both the Hose and "Customer favourite" Rigid neck kit to your cyclonic Mighty Atom.  With special upgrade pack prices available, it's definately worth a look!

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skyVac® Mighty Atom Gutter vacuum upgrade kits,



Can I use Elite Poles with the cyclone side entry port?

Yes, absolutely!  Our ultra-lightweight Elite clamped poles coupled with the unique vac release cuff make a great addition to the skyVac® Mighty Atom.