Spinaclean Welcome Daren George of Traditional Pest Control

Spinaclean welcomed Daren George of Traditional Pest Control last week, as he came to collect his brand new Spinaclean Bin Cleaner.

When working on his pest control duties Daren found that on his day-to-day management of properties, one of the root causes for his services being required was sadly due to dirty bins. When coming across these bins, that have been left in an unclean state, it unfortunately can lead to them attracting plenty of unwelcome visitors; such as rats, wasps, maggots and more.

After asking for a recommendation on Facebook for a Bin Cleaning Service for his local area, Darren was soon pointed in the direction of Spinaclean and got in contact with us to discuss the Bin Cleaning Opportunity.

With a great machine ready and a purchase from us, it didn’t take him long to get back on the road with his new plans laid out ahead.

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