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Spinaclean Suction Pole SetsEven though our poles are the lightest on the market, we recommend your maximum cleaning height for safe handling is 12 metres (4 storey building). Having 1.5 metre sections usually accommodates the building height variations without being too high or too low. Weight saving - the carbon pole sections are 3 times lighter than equivalent aluminium pole sections making them feel much lighter to manoeuvre around. This weight saving converts into greater manoeuvrability and less muscle fatigue.

SkyVac’s carbon fibre poles are made of the highest quality carbon fibre material most often found in aerospace equipment and only require one person to operate. Quality and manufacturing cost is measured by the carbon content and our SkyVac Poles have the maximum.

This gives them three major advantages: strength, rigidity and lightness (three times lighter than aluminum poles) Our new SkyVac ‘Elite’ gutter cleaning poles have the lightest weight to size ratio on the gutter cleaning market at only 186 grams per metre as well as improved rigidity, especially at 40ft from the ground. Compatible with all industrial SkyVac’s or as an individual item.

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“Spinaclean is the cleaning company others strive to be. Dealing with them is stress free and smooth. I can't recommend them enough.” Jamie Bendall

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