Paving Cleaning Area & Cost Calculator Excel Spreadsheet

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Paving Cleaning Area & Cost Calculator
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This Area & Cost Calculator is a MS Office 2000 XL workbook, allowing you to quickly and effectively calculate charges for a paving cleaning job.


This Paving Cleaning Area & Cost Calculator allows you to effectively and quickly calculate all the costs that you charge for the various treatments in your quotations for customers. A possibility is also included in the Area Calculator to add a discount or an uplift, which can vary depending on your needs and market.

Please Note:

  • The Area & Cost Calculator is a *Microsoft Excel Workbook, made up from a number of separate linked worksheets.
  • The ”Area Calculator” worksheet is the only one in which you can enter values, as the others are saved as protected pages that cannot be altered.
  • When you open the work book it will open at the main page where you can input measurements to help you calculate an area for cleaning.
  • When an area is calculated and shown on the area calculator sheet, this value is then automatically used by the other sheets to calculate cost values for other processes such as sealing.
  • To view the values for these other options, you will simply need to select the worksheet tab for “Overall Cost calculator."
*This Area & Cost Calculator is a MS Office 2000 XL workbook and has been checked that it will import and run in the Open Office equivalent spread sheet software. Along with being compatible with Windows 98 Excel formats right up to the latest MS Office Excel fomats.


More Information
  • Document Type: Microsoft Excel 2000 Workbook
  • 1 x Paving Cleaning Area & Cost Calculator (Microsoft Excel 2000 Workbook)
  • Instant price calculations
  • Adding discounts or uplifts to pricing estimates
  • Accounting for variables in Paving Cleaning jobs, such as sealants etc
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