Spinaclean Turbo Guard

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Spinaclean Turbo Guard
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This turbo guard keeps all dislodged dirt and debris under control, and protects clothing and surrounding surfaces.


This Turbo Guard features expandable casing to fit any existing turbo nozzle and provide protection of clothes and surrounding areas when you need it most.

It effectively controls the dislodged dirt and debris, keeping the mess contained. The guard is made from strong, durable plastic, yet is incredibly lightweight so won’t affect the weight and usage of the turbo lance.

Key Features:

  • Keeps dirt, spray, and debris on the ground, protecting your clothes and surrounding areas
  • Suitable for both commercial and domestic use- large diameter covers a significant surface area
  • Made to be a universal fit for any existing turbo nozzle

More Information
  • Material: Durable Hard Plastic
  • Fitting: Universal - Expandable casing fits over any turbo nozzle
  • Size: 30cm (12") diameter
  • 1 x Turbo Guard

Controlling spray back and mess when pressure washing, protecting the operator and surrounding areas.

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