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Qleen Professional Solar Package

Ideal for cleaning:

Large-scale solar photovoltaic cleaning projects, in vast isolated farms/rural environments. (Fields/commercial)

Who is this package suitable for?

The Professional Solar Qleen Package is the perfect package for solar installers looking to offer cleaning contracts or solar farm owners looking for their own solar maintenance cleaning solution. For safe and reliable cleaning of large low level solar panels up to a working height of 4 metres. 

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Solar panels on farms and isolated environments are prone to a build-up of dirt, dust, and other substances, such as bird droppings, which can reduce solar panel productivity over time. Often mounted at a shallow angle, it is also hard for the water to run off solar panels, therefore accumulating dust, resulting in them needing to be cleaned more regularly. Traditional methods include using tractors to remove debris, where panels can be missed or damaged. The incredibly versatile and mobile Qleen Profi pure water system, coupled with ultra-lightweight poles and an electrically powered brush head, thoroughly cleans large solar panels and inaccessible nooks and crannies in the most isolated of environments with ease. Thanks to QLEEN’s advanced and ergonomic components, the robust system is far more efficient than traditional processes; the unique modular design effectively cleans large areas in a significantly more productive and cost-effective manner.

Key Features and Benefits:

Completely Mobile: No electricity required, the independent system boasts its own on-board power plant, enabling solar panels to be cleaned in remote environments/with limited access to facilities, delivering electricity and pure water exactly where you need it (whether van mounted or drawn from a well) 

Fast & Efficient: 10x quicker than traditional cleaning processes. The electrically powered weighted brush head, with densely packed rotating bristles glides effortlessly across any solar surface. This coupled with a swivel joint and ultra-lightweight poles have been designed for optimum performance, therefore maxmising working hours

Easy to use: Quick to assemble, the system is operated via a wireless remote control for ultimate convenience

Sustainable: High powered water jets deliver pure water directly to the area being cleaned, thus minimising waste

Safe: Effectively cleans large low level solar panel surface areas up to 4 metres from the safety of the ground, without the need of a tractor 

Cleaning coverage: up to 250 square metres per hour  

  • Qleen Profi I Pure Water Base Station: Delivering Pure Water and electricity exactly where you need it, for hassle free outdoor usage. Housed on an all-terrain trolley, the pure water system is able to draw and transform water via the on-board filtration station into Pure Water from a variety of water sources: from mains water or static water sources such as wells. With on board batteries (and the ability to connect to mains electricity) the QLEEN PROFI I can support the ROTAQLEEN rotating brush for the ultimate in clean, covering up to 250 square metres per hour. 
  • Rotaqleen Vario High Performance Brush Head: Has been designed specially for thoroughly cleaning large horizontal areas of solar panelling. The brush angle or direction is controlled by a patented joint for user precision and ease with a simple twist of the QLEEN pole. Controlled via a wireless remote, the operator can change brush rotation direction, water flow and, if required, the use of detergent whilst in use without having to return to the base station. Pure Water is misted across the area being cleaned by electronic jets positioned on either side of the rotating brush for optimum cleansing
  • x2 Aluminium Titan Pole element with force transmissionEach pole is made using ultra lightweight aluminum alloy materials and can be securely interconnected to achieve the desired height. Power and water feeds are held securely in place with Velcro fasteners
  •  Aluminium Titan Half Pole with force transmission 
  •  Brush Joint adaptor For QLEEN poles with G4 bayonet connect
  •  Monotube
  •  Hose Reel
  •  Operated via a remote control 
  • Qleen Profi I Pure Water Base station:Length 112 / Width 54 / Height 112 cm
  • Rotaqleen Vario high performance brush head: Length: 50cm, Weight: 6.5kg Motor, 24 V, 195 rpm
  • Aluminium Titan Pole element with force transmission: Length: 163cm, 42mm diameter, weight: 0.85kg
  • Aluminium Titanpole Pole element with force transmission: Half pole - Length: 80cm length, 42 diameter, weight 0.47
  • *Full technical specification can be provided on request
  • Solar farms and solar panels on roofs and photovoltaic systems
  • Also suitable for cleaning windows, walls, air planes, and buses, all with pure water
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