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Semi Professional Speed Package

Suitable for cleaning:

Medium to large surfaces on commercial and domestic buildings.


Who is this suitable for?

The Semi Professional Speed Package is the perfect package for semi-professional window cleaners looking to take on more commercial, larger scale projects. Ideal for companies looking to clean windows themselves as opposed to outsourcing, where there is access to electricity. For safe, fast and powerful window cleaning up to 12 metres.                                                                                                                                                                                               

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For exceptional long-lasting glass cleaning results, the Semi-Processional Speed Window Cleaning package boasts precision engineering and unique features for a long lasting clean using less pure water and achieved in a fraction of the time of standard window cleaning methods. Fast and effective, this package allows you to work up to 12 metres from the safety of the ground. All QLEEN systems use our tried and trusted PURAQLEEN water treatment technology, which removes all impurities from normal tap water, transforming it instantly into lime-free pure water.

Key Features and Benefits 

Compact Design: The extremely robust Qleen Disy Pure Water system with pneumatic tyres also houses each individual aluminium cleaning pole for hassle free outdoor usage and ease of transportation

Speed: 10x quicker than traditional cleaning processes. The electrically powered window cleaning brush head, with a swivel head function and densely coated bristles glides effortlessly across any glass surface. Even the smallest of corners and nooks and crannies of window frames will never be missed

Reach: Cleans glass and solar panels thoroughly up to 12 metres from the safety of the ground with this package. Can reach up to 25 metres if additional poles are purchased.

Productive: Guaranteed short assembly and disassembly times, the system is operated via a wireless remote control, allowing the operator to have complete control over the brush direction, water and detergent application for maximum productivity and ease of use when working at a height  

Sustainable: High powered water jets deliver a powerful yet fine pure water mist directly to glass surfaces being cleaned, resulting in significantly lower water use vs competitor systems

Qleen Disy Elektro Base station: The extremely versatile QLEEN PURACLEAN Pure Water System incorporates the latest technology to effortlessly clean windows, roofs and solar panels up to 12 metres all from the safety of the ground, ensuring long-lasting and streak-free results. Featuring a unique modular design for high mobility and reach, covering larger areas faster than traditional cleaning processes. Water supply via domestic water connection of self-priming by a pump. Access to electricity is required. The Puraqleen water treatment technology removes all impurities from normal tap water, transforming it into lime-free pure water.

ROTAQLEEN Classic Rotating Brush for Glass Cleaning: Rotating brush for thorough glass cleaning. Drove by two high-performance motors in the brush head, along with three powerful jets. Ideal for cleaning corners, nooks and crannies and window frames. Each motor can rotate forwards and backwards, with the ability to switch direction in use for outstanding cleaning results. Delivery scope: sturdy brush joints with 3 power jets

Window Brush for Streak-Free Glass Cleaning: Extremely sturdy window cleaning brush, with thick bristles

ROTAQLEEN Classic Solar Replacement Brush Set: For professional solar panel cleaning. These special red bristles clean sensitive surfaces carefully and reliably

6x Aluminium Titan pole element with force transmission: Each pole is made using ultra lightweight aluminum alloy materials and can be securely interconnected to achieve the desired height. Power and water feeds are held securely in place with Velcro fasteners. A reach up of to 14-15m can be achieved using all the interconnecting QLEEN poles in this package, dependant of the angle of the roof and the operating distance. 25 metre reach height can be reach if purchase additional poles to this package

1x Titan Half Pole

1x Vario Brush Joint

1x Brush Joint adapter

1x Duo-hose (QLEEN DISY Electro)

1 x Hose Reel 

  • Qleen Disy Elektro Base station: Base station. PURAQLEEN inside, 24 V ROTAQLEEN connection, Weight: 60 kg, Dimensions: 66 x 66 x 110 cm (L x W x H)
  • ROTAQLEEN Classic Rotating Brush for Glass Cleaning: Weight:  2.2kg, Motor Wattage: 24V, 180 rpm. Bristle Thickness 0.3MM, Bristle Length:  30MM
  • Window Brush for Streak-Free Glass Cleaning: Material: PE, polyester, white. Delivery scope: Window brush, bristle thickness 0.3 mm, bristle length 40 mm
  • ROTAQLEEN Classic Solar Replacement Brush Set: For professional solar panel cleaning.These special red bristles clean sensitive surfaces carefully and reliably.  Material: PE, PBT, redDelivery scope: Brush heads and base frames (right and left), brush thickness 0.4 mm, brush length 30 mm (solar panel cleansing)
  • 5 x Carbon Fibre Poles with force transmission: Material: Carbon, Weight: 0.59 kg. Delivery scope: Pole element, 42 mm diameter, with G4 bayonet connector
  • Aluminium Titan Pole element with force transmission: Length: 163cm, 42mm diameter, weight: 0.85kg
  • Aluminium Titanpole Pole element with force transmission: Half pole - Length: 80cm length, 42 diameter, weight 0.47

*Full technical specification can be provided on request

For glass surfaces such as windows and glass fascias, glazed building façades, canopies, domes, lean-tos, stairwells, lifts or sensitive surfaces can be cleaned thoroughly and with a streak-finish - quick, easy and reliable. Rotating solar brush also included for cleaning solar panels.

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