skyVac™ Wireless Camera System High Level Inspection

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SkyCam™ Wireless Camera System
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The SkyCam™ Wireless Camera System is ideal for high level inspection projects. For efficient gutter cleaning, the LCD screen gives the operator clear visibility of the progress. Capture before and after images or video, to share with your customers or on your social media. The system can also be used for property inspection such as chimney, roofs and lofts, all from the safety of the ground.



Our System has been specifically designed to work Outdoors in harsh environments:
  • Robust Construction
  • Water Proof Monitor and Camera ← exclusive to SkyCam™
  • Rubberized Drop Proof Protective Jacket ← exclusive to SkyCam™
  • Unique Zoom Facility ← exclusive to SkyCam™
  • On-Board Recording
  • New Charging Facility Allows You To Charge Both Monitor and Camera Simultaneously
  • Easy User Large Operational Buttons
  • The largest screen on the market for the portable wireless camera system is designed for portable and multi-functional use. Both monitor and camera have built-in rechargeable battery inside. Our cameras also have Night vision facility.
See specification for more features......

More Information
  • Video resolution  720 x 480
    Receiving Frequency  2.4MHz
    Rechargeable Li-battery  2hr time
    Operational time  3 hours
    Dimensions (W x D x H) 105 x 90 x 40mm
    Weight 240g

New Features and options:

  • Auto power feature - Monitor LCD will auto switch on when camera is powered on
  • Camera 
  • Monitor
  • Camera bag
  • Charger 
  • Phone Charger 
  • USB cable
  • Rechargeable Li-batteries inside

Inspecting gutters/high level areas before cleaning 

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