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SkyCam™ Wireless Camera System
View out of reach gutters and high level areas with SkyCam
  • Removes need for time consuming scaffolding
  • Keeps you safely on the ground 
  • Saves money 

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Our System has been specifically designed to work Outdoors in harsh environments:
  • Robust Construction
  • Water Proof Monitor and Camera ← exclusive to SkyCam™
  • Rubberized Drop Proof Protective Jacket ← exclusive to SkyCam™
  • Unique Zoom Facility ← exclusive to SkyCam™
  • On-Board Recording
  • New Charging Facility Allows You To Charge Both Monitor and Camera Simultaneously
  • Easy User Large Operational Buttons
  • The largest screen on the market for the portable wireless camera system is designed for portable and multi-functional use. Both monitor and camera have built-in rechargeable battery inside. Our cameras also have Night vision facility.
See specification for more features......

  • Camera 
  • Monitor
  • Camera bag
  • Charger 
  • Phone Charger 
  • USB cable
  • Rechargeable Li-batteries inside
  • Video resolution  720 x 480
    Receiving Frequency  2.4MHz
    Rechargeable Li-battery  2hr time
    Operational time  3 hours
    Dimensions (W x D x H) 105 x 90 x 40mm
    Weight 240g

New Features and options:

  • Auto power feature - Monitor LCD will auto switch on when camera is powered on, and auto shut off when camera is powered off.
  • Sun-blocking feature – when sun shines into the camera, system will block on the sun
  • Video output feature - Video output function to connect the monitor video output to your TV.
  • Bonus A/C adapter allow charge at home, not just on car
  • Adjustable Focus for Close-Up filming

Advance new features only available for 3.5" system - image and video recording:

  • Monitor can capture Image (JPG) and Video (Video 720 x 480) in micro SD Card (Included in package).
  • Zoom facility
  • USB port connects to your PC to download image and video
  • Full Colour 3.5” LCD Screen
  • Robust design
  • Up to 3 hours operational time from one charge
  • Up to 35 hours video recording and 1,000 image capacity

Inspecting gutters/high level areas before cleaning 

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