skyCam™ Wireless Camera System High Level Inspection

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SkyCam™ Wireless Camera System
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The SkyCam™ Wireless Camera System is ideal for high-level inspection projects. For efficient gutter cleaning, the LCD screen gives the operator clear visibility of the progress. Capture before and after images or video, to share with your customers or on your social media. The system can also be used for property inspection such as chimneys, roofs and lofts, all from the safety of the ground.



For high-level gutter clearance and inspection projects the SkyCam™ system is your “eyes in the sky” all from the safety of the ground.  Capture live images and video footage for the confidence and evidence of a job well done.  Monitor progress on the 3.5-inch colour screen and use the zoom function to ensure pinpoint accuracy.  

Engineered for outdoor conditions, the weatherproof monitor features a glare-resistant LCD screen, along with a rubberised drop-proof protective jacket and large operational buttons for ease of use.  The high level mounted camera is weatherproof and has night vision making it suitable for use in all conditions.

  • For quick high-level property surveys, both Camera and monitor can be securely attached to the telescopic skypole, ideal for initial inspections and quotations.  Simply feather the pole up to the required height, and review. 
  • For live gutter clearance, attach both camera and monitor to skyVac® External Suction Pole Set or skyVac® Elite Pole Set for clear visibility on projects up to 12m/4 stories/40ft.

Featuring inbuilt rechargeable batteries, the system is supplied with both a socket and in-car charger.  The battery's typically last 2-3hrs* and levels are clearly displayed on the monitor so that you know when to recharge.  All items can be securely stored in the branded skyVac® padded camera case supplied. 

Before and after photos, along with videos footage is a great resource for your business.  Show and share your great results on your social media channels and give your customer the reassurance and security of a job well done.   

The skycam system gives the sole operator the ability, confidence and evidence to power through gutter clearing projects making it an essential part of your gutter clearing equipment.

*Battery Life is for guidance only and may vary depending on usage.
  • 3.5" Glare resistant colour screen - Largest screen on the market for a portable wireless camera system
  • Rain Proof Monitor and Camera ← exclusive to SkyCam™
  • Rubberized Drop Proof Protective Jacket ← exclusive to SkyCam™
  • Zoom Facility ← exclusive to SkyCam™
  • On-Board Recording / 8GB Micro SD Card included.
  • On-screen battery level display.
  • Camera and Monitor can be recharged simultaneously using either mains or in-car charger supplied.
  • Easy User Large Operational Buttons
  • Automatic Infra-red adapts to low-level light conditions. Ideal for night time or loft inspections.
  • Wireless system (no Bluetooth or Internet required) with 12m range
See specification for more features......



More Information
  • Video resolution  640 x 480
    Receiving Frequency  2.4MHz
    Rechargeable Li-battery  2hr time
    Operational time  3 hours
    Dimensions (W x D x H) 105 x 90 x 40mm
    Weight 240g

New Features and options:

  • Auto power feature - Monitor LCD will auto switch on when camera is powered on
  • Camera (with inbuilt rechargeable battery)
  • Monitor (with inbuilt rechargeable battery)
  • Camera bag
  • Mains Charger 
  • In-Car Charger 
  • USB cable
  • Micro SD Card (8GB) 
  • High-level Inspection projects such as chimney, roof, gutter or loft.   Perfect for carrying out initial inspections for quotation purposes when used with skypole.
  • Live high-level gutter clearance projects in conjunction with skyVac© gutter cleaning machines. 
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