skyVac™ Industrial 85 Wet & Dry Gutter Vacuum

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SkyVac Industrial 85 (Wet & Dry)
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The World’s Most Powerful Mains Powered Gutter Cleaning Machine, the skyVac™ Industrial 85 offers swift and efficient removal of stubborn gutter blockages.  This professional system is supplied with ultra-lightweight skyVac™ Elite poles.  Available as 240V or 110V and in a choice of 3 height packages up 4 stories /12m/ 40ft. 



The skyVac™ Industrial 85 Wet and Dry Vacuum has been specially designed to clear even the most stubborn blocked gutters. Featuring 3 industrial strength motors, the skyVac™ Industrial 85 delivers an astonishing 150” water lift, which is 50% more suction than its nearest rival at 90”. 

Featuring a slide glide entry to eliminate blockages, 8000 litres pm of air flow and a 78-litre capacity, the skyVac™ Industrial 85 is the essential machine for gutter cleaning specialists. Easy to transport and manoeuvre, the stainless-steel unit is housed on (but also can be removed from) an all-terrain chassis. 

Available in 3 height packages up 4 stories /12m/ 40ft, featuring the skyVac™ Elite pole system. Made of super strong carbon fibre, this incredibly lightweight yet super strong pole system offers the operator greater manoeuvrability and less muscle fatigue.  Also included is the patent pending Vac Release Pole with innovative twist cuff which allows the operator more flexibility whilst working to release tufts of dirt and grass. The Elite Pole system is complimented an assortment of tools and attachments ensures easy access to gutters over obstacles such as conservatories.  

The skyVac™ Industrial 85 Wet and Dry Vacuum is available as 110V or 240V options.

skyVac™ Industrial 85 Machine:

  • Three industrial strength vacuum motors giving huge suction power of 150 inches of water lift.
  • Two power settings.  A “Light Debris” setting for standard gutter clearance and “Heavy Debris” for stubborn growth and blockages.
  • Slide guide entrance eliminates blockages by creating a vortex for the debris, spreading it out evenly in the base of the drum. 
  • All terrain tipping chassis housing the stainless-steel unit for ease of movement.
  • Front locking castors to keep unit in place during use.   
  • Stainless Steel housing unit can be removed from the tipping chassis to access areas with restricted access
  • Easy to empty, simply unclip and remove the motor housing from the drum.  Tilt the drum on the chassis and tip the contents away.
  • Removable and washable filter housed securely behind a protection plate for minimal maintenance.

skyVac™ Elite Pole Set:

  • Each 1.5 metre skyVac™ Elite Pole is made of ultra-lightweight carbon fibre and is three times lighter than the equivalent aluminium poles at just 186 grams per metre offering the operator ease of movement and less fatigue.  
  • Interconnecting poles are securely held in place with a quick release clamp enabling.
  • The Vac Release pole enables the operator greater control - to cut vacuum suction, simply twist the cuff and watch stubborn gutter debris fall safely to the floor.

skyVac™ Accessories.

  • The ultra-strong carbon fibre rigid angled neck tool creates the perfect angle to access gutters from the safety of the ground.
  • Includes an assortment of end tools, from every day use through to tight access and stubborn turf removal.  Suitable for use in most gutters (shapes and gutter materials). 


Industrial and commercial gutter cleaning for wet and dry application.  

For tips on how to look after your skyVac™ Industrial 85 click HERE




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More Information
  • Motor Wattage: 3300 watts max (three motors)
  • Water Lift: 150" (largest on gutter cleaning market)
  • Air Flow Movement: 8000 litres per minute
  • Decibel Level: 72 dB
  • Container Capacity: 78 litres
  • Mains Connection: 240v @13 amp or 110v @ 32 amp
  • Power Cable Length: 8 metres
  • Weight: 36 kg
  • L x W x H (cm): 60 x 64 x 114
  • Wet & Dry Industrial vacuum
  • skyVac™ Elite Carbon fibre poles: 1.5 metres long, plus one NEW Vac Release Pole
  • 6 metres of flexi pick up hose (50mm diameter)
  • Crevice end tool for accessing gutters in tight gaps
  • Steel dirt breaker for reducing gutter debris into smaller pieces for removal
  • Tapered end tool for accessing small gaps
  • Daily end tool for general gutter clearing
  • Long end tool for greater reach for hard to access gutters and down pipes
  • Pole and accessory carrying bag
  • Suitable for cleaning both commercial and domestic premises.  
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