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SkyVac Reach Pole Protector
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Unfortunately over the years, electrocution due to water fed poles being used near overhead power-lines of under 1,000 volts has been fatal for window cleaners. If working in high voltage areas Spinaclean can offer a Protector Pole Handle, in addition to the SkyVac Reach pole.

Inluded as standard is a SkyCav Reach Pole Protector to insulate up to 1000 V A.C or 1500 V D.C.

British Standards
BS: 8020 is the specification for insulating hand tools for work on or near conductor rail systems operating at voltages up to 1000 V.a.c. or 1500 V d.c. 
The IEC 60855 and EN 50508:2011 addresses the electrocution risk for window cleaners, dramatically minimising casualties resulting in severe burns and even fatalities. This is particularly important when cleaning photovoltaic panels.

Ideal for use with our SkyVac Reach Telescopic Water Fed Poles.

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