skyVac™ Atom 7 Pole Package with Non-recordable Camera

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The skyVac™ Atom combined with a Non Recordable Camera is the perfect all round gutter cleaning package. Compact, lightweight and easy to transport, the Atom wet and dry vacuum is the suitable for cleaning a wide variety of domestic properties. 

Combined with a Non-Recordable Inspection Camera and a Monitor, this all round package allows you to inspect gutters before cleaning and show customers the impressive results afterwards. Simply attach the completely wireless inspection camera and monitor to the poles and view your cleaning action as you work. 


A powerful all round wet and dry industrial vacuum, our best-selling skyVac™ Atom with 35L capacity is ideal for domestic and commercial use. Engineered to offer exceptional high-level cleaning results up to 10.5 metres. The skyVac™ Atom offers 1600watts of power, is robust, reliable and easy to use.

Its compact design and wheels make it easy to manoeuvre, perfect for locations with restricted access. At 8 kilos, the skyVac™ Atom is easy to transport, fitting comfortably in a family vehicle. Easy to maintain, it features a washable filter and mains powered. To empty, simply remove the lid and tip the contents away.  

Our lightweight interchangeable carbon fibre poles can be customised to suit heights and angles enabling a sole operator to access hard to reach locations such as above conservatories.

For projects in the home, garage or garden, the skyVac™ Atom makes light work of gutter clutter, rubble, sawdust, sludge, spills and standing water. The perfect addition for the proud homeowner or for cleaning professionals looking to offer gutter cleaning services.

skyVac™ Atom Machine:

  • An extremely powerful and compact gutter cleaning system giving suction power of 110 inches of water lift
  • Weighing only 8kg, the skyVac™ Atom is lightweight and easy to transport and will fit neatly in the back of a van
  • Package comes with strong yet incredibly light-weight carbon fibre suction poles and an assortment of targeted end tools for customisable wet or dry vacuuming projects
  • Conventional wet and dry vacuum, can also be used for pond dredging and internally on hard floors and carpets
  • Added blow function feature, for easily removing dry leaves from gutters
  • Removable and washable filter (we recommend purchasing a spare filter so you can rotate with a freshly washed one to ensure your machine is working to optimum performance) 
skyVac™ Suction Pole Set:
  • Each 1.5 metre skyVac™ suction pole is made of ultra-lightweight carbon fibre materials  
  • Interconnecting poles easily slot together to achieve your desired height
skyVac™ Accessories.
  • Includes an assortment of external and internal end tools. Suitable for use in most gutters (shapes and gutter materials)

More Information

Machine Specifications:

Motor Wattage:  1600 watts max
Water Lift:  110”
Air Flow Movement: 3800 litres per minute
Decibel Level: 60 dB
Container Capacity: 35 litres
Mains Connection:  240v
Power Cable Length:  8 metres
Weight: 8 kg
L x W x H (cm): 37 x 40 x 79

Non Recordable and Camera Specifications:

  • 1) High build construction
  • 2) Auto power feature - Monitor LCD will auto switch on when camera is powered on
  • 7 Carbon fibre poles: 1.5 metres long
  • 4.5 metres of flexi pick up hose (38mm diameter)
  • Crevice end tool – for accessing tight gaps between tiles and gutters.
  • Steel dirt breaker – for breaking down stubborn clumps of dirt and grass into smaller manageable pieces for easy removal from gutters.
  • Daily end tool – general everyday gutter cleaning tool
  • 135 degree blue flexi neck tool holder – ideal for reaching over obstacles such as conservatories.
  • 180 degree blue flexi neck tool holder – ideal for overhead vacuuming projects
  • Gutter cleaning (up to 3 storeys high)
  • High-reach vacuuming
  • Leaf blowing (added blow function feature)
  • Wet and dry pick up (indoors or outdoors)
  • Pond dredging
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