Prolong the life expectancy of your skyVac™ and ensure your machine is working to optimum performance with Spinaclean’s annual machine service. Lack of maintenance is a key factor in most machine breakdowns or downtime – but by having your machine serviced regularly you can keep it operating safely and efficiently for many years whilst also avoiding costly repairs.

Here at Spinaclean we can offer you a periodical service of your skyVac™ (recommended every 12 months)

The service will include the following:

  • External housing checked
  • Flexible chord/plug checked
  • Internal wiring checked
  • Motors checked
  • Float valve functionality check
  • Inlet filters checked and cleaned
  • Suction (inch water lift) tested
  • Internally cleaned (compressed air)
  • Filter replaced
  • Performance tested
  • PAT tested
  • Return postage

The cost for the above, is just £150+VAT. If damaged parts are identified during the service we will always call you to advise replacement costs before proceeding with the work.

What’s involved? All you need to do is box up your skyVac™ (vacuum head only) include a note with your details and give our team a call on 01604 968700 to book in, once confirmed send the boxed head to our address located on our contact page and we will take care of the rest.

Please click here to contact us for more details.

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