ROTAQLEEN Vario Solar Brush Head

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The cutting edge ROTAQLEEN Vario (Solar) electrically operated brush, has been designed specifically for thoroughly cleaning large horizontal areas of solar panelling.  The weighted brush head and rotating bristles glide efficiently across extremely large surface areas.  Engineered for ease of operator use and effective cleaning at a distance.


The QLEEN ROTAQLEEN VARIO (SOLAR) is perfect for fast and effective cleaning of large areas of horizontal mounted solar panels.   

Engineered for ease of operator use, the ROTAQLEEN VARIO easily glides across solar surfaces thanks to the motorised rotating bristles.  The brush angle or direction is controlled by a patented joint for user precision and ease with a simple twist of the QLEEN pole.  Controlled via a wireless remote, the operator can change brush rotation direction, water flow and if required the use of detergent whilst in use without having to return to the base station. 

Pure Water is misted across the area being cleaned by electronic jets positioned on either side of the rotating brush for optimum cleansing.


  • Cleaning performance: up to 250 square meters per hour
  • Economical water consumption, due to the system ‘s electronic rather than hydraulic operation (consumption: max. 250 litres/h)
  • Precision guidance and control system (special patented joint)
  • Convenient operation via wireless control system
  • Flexible, can be used with QLEEN poles to work at a distance or at height


Significantly better cleaning results than standard brushes due to:

1)      Weight of the brush providing friction against surface being cleaned

2)      Brush rotation

3)      Sturdy and densely packed bristles

4)      Twisting action to losen dirt from multiple angles

5)      Pure Water.

More Information
  • Weight: 6.5kg Motor
  • 24 V
  • One 50cm high performance brush head 

Effectively cleaning large solar panel areas

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