ROTAQLEEN Classic (glass) Brush Head

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ROTAQLEEN Classic Glass brush head 40cm Ref: 72000
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Electronic Rotating window cleaning brush (ref:  72000 / 40cm)

For exceptional long-lasting glass cleaning results, the QLEEN ROTAQLEEN CLASSIC is in a class of its own.  The brush features two electronically powered rotating heads along with overhead mounted jets, delivering a powerful mist of pure water to coat the glass surface and rotating bristles.   The WHITE classic is suitable for use on glass.


The QLEEN ROTAQLEEN CLASSIC is everything you would expect from leading from German Glass Cleaning Specialists, Lehman.  Precision engineering combined with unique features for a long lasting clean using less pure water and achieved in a fraction of the time of standard methods.  Fast and effective, it can cover up to 250 square metres per hour.

The QLEEN ROTAQLEEN CLASSIC is a motorised multidirectional cleaning brush which can be operated via remote control (supplied separately) enabling high reach glass cleaning up to a height of 20 metres all from the safety of the ground.  Brushes are durable, hard wearing and densely coated in high quality bristles.  Fine jets mounted above the brush deliver pure water directly to the surface area being cleansed for efficient and effective cleaning whilst minimising water use.

Part of the modular QLEEN collection, the ROTAQLEEN CLASSIC brush can be used in conjunction with any of the Pure Water filtration stations and pole systems for a truly customisable system.

QLEEN ROTAQLEEN Classic (Glass):

  • Each brush head features two 24V / 180rpm motors separated by a spacer disk.  Each motor can rotate forwards and backwards, with the ability to switch direction in use for outstanding cleaning results.
  • Fast and effective and can cover up to 250 square metres per hour.
  • Robust and solid construction provides friction against the window for a powerful clean.
  • Powerful jets mounted above the brush deliver a powerful yet fine mist which coats the glass surface and brush with cleansing Pure water. 
  • Precision water jets deliver Pure Water directly to the surface area being cleansed resulting in significantly lower water use vs competitor systems.   Maximum 250 litres per hour.
  • Sturdy bristles are evenly spaced around the head and bevelled end for efficient cleaning of glass surfaces and edges.
  • Additional spray jet can be used to apply detergent directly to the surface of the area being cleansed.
  • Precision guidance and control system through patented join for maximum operator control.
  • Remote control allows the operator complete control over the brush direction, water and detergent application for maximum productivity and ease of use when working at a height.


For glass surfaces such as windows and glass facias.  

More Information
  • Motor Wattage: 24V
  • Multi directional motorised brush head.
  • Brush Joint compatible with QLEEN POLES with 3 power jets
  • Power Cable: 50 metre

Effectively cleaning corners, crevices of solar panels and window frames 

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