Qleen Window Cleaner Speed & Function Upgrade Packages

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Window Cleaner Speed & Function Upgrade
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Suitable for cleaning:

Windows, glass surfaces, facades and solar panels

Who is this suitable for?

The Window Cleaner & Function Upgrade Package is the perfect package for professional window cleaners who have an existing pole and water system and are looking for speed and efficiency when cleaning windows, glass, facades or solar panels.

For long-lasting glass cleaning results, all three packages include an extremely strudy motorised cleaning brush, using less pure water and achieved in a fraction of the time of standard window and solar cleaning methods.



Key Features and benefits…

Speed: 10x quicker than traditional cleaning processes. The electrically powered window cleaning, façade and solar brush heads boasts a swivel head function and densely coated bristles glides effortlessly across any glass surface. Even the smallest of surface areas and corners will never be missed

Durable: Long lasting and hard wearing, the QLEEN rotating motorised brushes are densely packed with two tiers of stepped bristles for a long lasting, streak free clean

Sustainable: High powered water jets deliver a powerful yet fine pure water mist directly to glass, facades and solar panels, resulting in significantly lower water use vs competitor systems

More Information

Package 1: Window Speed Upgrade:

Rotaqleen Classic (Glass) brush 40cm: Motor Wattage: 24V

Package 1: Window Speed Upgrade

Rotaqleen Classic (Glass) 60cm: The classic rotating motorised brush for thorough glass cleaning

Adapter (to put into existing poles)

External Power Supply (remote and power)



Package 2: Wall Function Upgrade

Rotacleen 40cm façade: The classic rotating brush for thorough facade cleaning

Adapter (to put into existing poles)

External power supply (remote and power)



Package 3: Solar Function Upgrade (for window cleaners)

Rotacleen 60cm Solar: Drive via two high-performance motors in the brush head. Ideal for solar panel cleaning

Adapter (to put into existing poles)

External Power Supply (remote and power)

For glass surfaces such as windows and glass fascias, glazed building façades, canopies, domes, lean-tos, stairwells, lifts or sensitive surfaces can be cleaned thoroughly and with a streak-finish - quick, easy and reliable. Rotating solar brush also included for cleaning solar panels.

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