Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Introducing the brand new state of art Wheelie Bin Cleaning System from Spinaclean. Our new robust and time efficient bin-cleaning machine is the most powerful bin cleaning system on the market, cleaning one large commercial bin in less than two minutes.

Built from the highest quality and durable materials, including a sturdy steel chassis, the system has been purpose built for a range of users including councils, waste management companies and sole traders.

Spinaclean Bin


extremely easy to operate

Simply hook the bins on and push the button - no manual handling, therefore making the process non-labour intensive.

Three-stage filtration system

The unique machine comes equipped with a 400-litre tank and a three-stage filtration system enabling water to be recycled and kept cleaner for longer. The eco-friendly system even captures rainwater from buildings.

First image shows first filtration point.

Second image shows filtration sits underneath the top tray and is removable for easy cleaning.

Third image shows filtration is when the water runs through on it's way to the pressure washer.



Extremely easy to operate

Available in two versions, our largest engine option, the Honda GX390 is the most powerful on the bin cleaning market. Each machine also comes with a free top of the range 18 or 20” flat surface cleaner allowing the user to clean a wider area eliminating the risk of deadly bacteria.

Top Left shows; Petrol engine powered by Honda GX200 working at 200bar, 2400psi and shift-ing 11 litres of water per minute. Along with KEY start.

Top Right shows; 10 Metres of high pressure hose housed on a auto rewind hose reel.

Centre Left shows; Battery with power level indicator and external charging points if required.

Centre Right shows; Placement at the front of where your name and contact details will go.

Bottom Left shows; The Optional direct feed from an outside tap.

Bottom Right shows; Roadside flashing warning beacon.


Spinaclean are proud members of the National Association of Wheeled Bin Cleaners (NAWBW) which exists to make the industry professional. With every Spinaclean Wheelie Bin Cleaning Machine to get you started as a professional we will pay your subscription fee to join the association Click Here Reasons To Become a Member of the NAWBC Click Here for reasons to become a member of the NAWBC.

If these bins are not cleaned regularly, they attract a whole host of bacteria including Listeria, Salmonella and E.coli on top of the really bad odours given off. Our brand new Wheelie Bin Cleaning Machine is easy to operate, has a three stage filtration system and bespoke built-in features, including: a Honda GX200 petrol engine.

Most bin cleaning companies charge between £2.50 and £4.00 per bin, with the majority of households having more than one bin, for example general waste, recycling and compost usually 240 litre in size. The chart below is based on £3.50 per bin, and most bins are cleaned on a fortnightly basis.


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Why Spinaclean

We make the difference

With first-hand industry experience, Spinaclean is a leading expert in designing and manufacturing world-leading vacuum and paving cleaning equipment. However we don’t just sell. We listen to our customers, we innovate pioneering products based on their feedback and deliver the highest quality products on time every time.

“Spinaclean is the cleaning company others strive to be. Dealing with them is stress free and smooth. I can't recommend them enough.” Jamie Bendall

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