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Spinaclean Oil Remover for Tarmac

Seal a Block Oil Remover for Tarmac is an effective degreasing agent for oil stains on tarmac surfaces.

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  • For removal of heavy deposits of oil, dilute 1 part Seal a Block Oil Remover for Tarmac to 20 parts water.
  • For general cleaning, dilute 1 part Seal a Block Oil Remover for Tarmac to 100 parts water.
  • More dilute solutions can be used for general cleaning of floors, walls, paintwork and most hard surfaces.

Included is 5 Litres of Spinaclean™ Oil Remover for Tarmac.

Spinaclean™ Oil Remover for Tarmac is supplied in 5 litre cans. It is formulated to remove oil, grease and diesel and all hydrocarbons from Tarmac. It is also ideal to remove heavily impacted oils and greases from warehouse/garage floors. No special tools or equipment are required and it can be effectively used for many other heavy duty cleaning purposes.

Spinaclean™ Oil Ramover for Tarmac is ideal for degreasing and removing oil stains on tarmac surfaces.

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