skyVac® Viper End Tool Tool for Gutter Cleaning

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Viper End Tool
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NEW: SkyVac® Elite Viper tool offers two extended forks to allow more thorough gutter clear outs. This tool can help tear through the turf and scrape away the more stubborn debris. The two forks allow you to dig deep and tackle those areas that might not be as accessible with a standard end tool. This tool is ideal for those tougher jobs that require a helping hand, or should we say claw?

Compatible with the skyVac® Elite Tool Holders, such as the Elite Hairpin Neck Tool

Hairpin neck not included*



Gutter clear-outs aren’t always the easiest, depending on the weather, vegetation and moss build up can be more of a pain and make for a stubborn removal. Sometimes you might find when cleaning with a standard end tool, it struggles with frozen or denser turf as it is harder to break up. The viper end tool allows you to stick your teeth in and pull the tough stuff apart, meaning less time removing gutter muck and more time to be productive on the job.

As you claw away at the turf, the remnants will then be sucked up by your vacuum, leaving no trace of any gutter growth. The viper end tool also has an slanted end angle for improved air flow to allow for easier suction of gutter debris, saving you time and increasing productivity.

It also comes in handy for getting gutter hedgehogs out of high-level gutters! 

Key Benefits:

  • Tear and make stubborn gutter growth easier to remove.
  • For a longer reach whilst gutter cleaning.
  • Compatible with the skyVac® Elite tool holders 

Hairpin neck not included*

Photo Credit: Robert Wright at GuttVac 
More Information
  • 410mm Long (From end tool base to longest claw)
  • 295mm Long (From end tool base to suction entry point)
  • 44mm Diameter 
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Long claw 11.5cm (From tip of end tool)
  • Short claw 10cm (From tip of end tool)
  • Compatible with Elite tool holders
  • 1 x Viper End Tool


Removing stubborn gutter growth more thoroughly than standard end tools.

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