skyVac® Hygenie Vacuum H Class Vacuum Only

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skyVac® Hygenie Vacuum
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  • THE PERFECT HYGIENIC CLEANING SYSTEM: The Hygenie's HEPA filtration system cleans 99.9% of air processed, making it suitable for cleaning hazardous or fine dust particles. 
  • PACKED WITH POWER: With 1300Ws and 3500LPM air flow, the Hygenie makes high and low-level cleaning easy. 
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL PLASTIC: Protects against the growth of bacteria and viruses, ideal for cleaning within hospitals and other pharmaceutical areas.
  • SKYVAC SUCTION POLE COMPATIBLE: The Hygenie is compatible with your existing SkyVac Suction Poles, ideal for cleaning companies looking to expand their services. 



The SkyVac Hygenie - Vacuum Only. 

The Hygenie removes highly hazardous dust from a range of sectors.

Its four-stage filtration system eliminates up to 99.99% of the dust that passes through the system, capturing particles up to 0.16 microns and eliminating the risk of harmful substances and cross-contamination.

These intense cleaning results make it suitable for everything from labs, clean rooms, and electrical/pharmaceutical industries, to medical industries including hospitals and care homes. 

Industry Certification & Compliance: 

• ISO 14644-1 Compliant (ISO Classification)

• IEC 60601-1 Certified (Electromedical compliance)

Hygienic Cleaning Results: This system has 3500 LPM airflow powered by a 1300 Watt single motor system, which allows for powerful cleaning at both high and low without losing any suction power.

The skyVac Hygenie is constructed from anti-microbial plastic. The treated polymer surfaces are resistant to bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, providing additional hygiene protection and making the system suitable for locations with specific cleaning requirements.

Four-Stage Filtration: To ensure that there are no fine dust particles remaining in the air passing through the system, the Hygenie has a complete four-stage filtration system:

1. Dust Bag: Paper bag that sits within the drum to capture dust and particles

2. PCB Pre-Filter: A polycarbonate outer sack that encases the HEPA filter cartridges, which:

  • Disperses electrostatic charges
  • Pre-filters dust to prevent the standard filter from being blocked
  • It is washable and easy to maintain

3. HEPA Cartridge Filter: H13 Porosity/ 0.3 Micron Filter Surface 12000²cm

4. Pleated Drum Cartridge On The Side of the Motor that has the Exhaust

A “Filter Full” light is activated via a sensor in the cartridge filter to ensure the system is always running at optimal performance. 




Our blog is available here if you would like to keep up to date with all things gutter cleaning, pressure washing, high-level inspection and more. 

More Information

• Motor Wattage: 1300 Watts (Single stage motor)

• Air Flow Movement: 3,500 LPM Airflow - for effective dust removal

• Mains Connection: 240V

• Decibel Level: 64db

• Container Capacity: 33 Litre

• Container Construction: Steel Drum With Hard Wearing Anti-Microbial Plastic

• Removable Vacuum head secured with latches 

• Power Cable Length: 8.5m

• Hose Width / length: 36mm / 2m 

• Vac Port: Click-Lock Hose to Drum Attachment with Relief Valve.

• Bumper skirt with rear-mounted tool storage 

• Two multi Directional front castors and two oversized rear wheels. 

• Paper dust bag (5 supplied) 

• Dimensions: L 38 cm x W 38 cm x H 65 cm

• Weight: 12kg 

FOUR-stage Filter System: 

• Dust Bag

• PCB Pre-filter – polycarbonate sack

• HEPA Cartridge Filter

• Pleater Drum Cartridge

• Filter Light – sensor in the filter triggers light when it is full. 


• 1 x skyVac Hygenie H-Class Vacuum.

  • Labs/Clean Rooms
  • Pharmaceutical/Electrical Manufacturing
  • Medical clinics and Facilities
  • Retirement Homes
  • Hospitals
    • Operating Rooms
    • MRI
    • Cat & PET scans and labs
    • Autopsy Rooms
    • Public Areas
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