Our high-powered skyVac® vacuums and lightweight, high-reach suction poles are the ideal product for facilities managers looking for cost-effective property maintenance.... A sole operator can tackle high-level cleaning projects, up to 12m / 40ft high, all from the safety of the ground. This method ensures minimal disruption and down time to the working area whilst delivering a hygienic clean.

Suitable for use in industrial settings, such as factories and warehouses, the powerful skyVac® Internal 78 vacuum is perfect for clearing heavy dust and dirt. This is important for fire prevention and preventing potential contamination or long-term damage to plant machinery.

For projects such as hotels, stately homes, and office spaces, the skyVac® Internal 27 or 30 are the perfect way to ensure a clean working environment. 

To find out Why High-Level Cleaning is so Important, then read our blog.

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  1. Internal 30 with 4M telescopic suction pole
    skyVac® Internal 30
    Vacuum System
    £1,122.00 £935.00
  2. Internal 78 High level cleaning system with 4M telescopic suction pole
    skyVac® Internal 78
    With High Access Poles
    £2,040.00 £1,700.00
  3. skyVac Industrial 150 vacuum with high access push fit poles
    skyVac Internal 150
    High level Cleaning
    £2,520.00 £2,100.00
  4. SkyVac Bacuum.
    skyVac Bacuum
    High-Level Back-Pack Vacuum
    £1,026.00 £855.00
  5. Hygenie H Class Vacuum with High Access telescopic Poles 4M
    skyVac Hygenie
    H Class Vacuum
    £1,284.00 £1,070.00
  6. skyVac Internal 78 Vacuum Front View
    skyVac® Internal 78 Vacuum
    Vacuum Only
    £1,308.00 £1,090.00
  7. skyVac Internal 150 Front View
    skyVac® Internal 150 Vacuum
    Vacuum Only
    £1,980.00 £1,650.00
  8. skyVac Bacuum in use on a Stairwell
    skyVac® Bacuum Vacuum
    Vacuum Only
    £498.00 £415.00
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