Chewing Gum removal

Keeping our streets and pavements clean and litter-free comes with its challenges, especially when it comes to chewing gum....

Discarded chewing gum sticks to surfaces, hardening, discolouring, and staining over time. Tough to remove, these dark patches can be found on pavements, shopping centres, airports and car parks throughout the UK.

Our portable gum removal systems are the perfect solution to removing stubborn gum residue. From concrete to block paving, natural stone through to hardwearing carpets, these lightweight, mobile systems allow a sole operator to quickly and effortlessly clear areas of gum staining. 

A quick blast of ultra-heated eco-friendly detergents instantly vaporises the gum, leaving the treated surface clean and with no residue. 

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Why is Chewing Gum so Hard to Remove?

Well, it's a blend of softeners and sweeteners in a synthetic rubber base. 

For a long, satisfying and tasty chew, the formulation is not water soluble. So, unlike other foodstuffs, it isn't broken down by saliva as part of the chewing process. 

And that's because the gum base is made up of long lasting synthetic rubber materials. The same type that you might find in hard-wearing items such as... a car tyre.

It's no wonder it sticks around!


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