SKYVAC® Gutter Cleaning Vacuums

Our range of wet & dry gutter vacuums have been specifically engineered and extensively tested to cope with all sorts of gutter debris.... From moss crumbs, fallen leaves, twigs and bird mess through to deep-rooted turf in downpipes, our skyVac® systems efficiently and effectively remove blockages from the safety of the ground.

The skyVac® Mighty Atom gutter vacuum is ideal for any new business start-up. Compact and powerful, it’s a nice little earner to have in the van. The New skyVac® Atom sonic, the beefier big brother, packs more power but still offers a caddy van friendly size.

Our triple motor machines, the skyVac Commercial Plus and Industrial 85, are ideal for gutter cleaning professionals and facilities managers looking for powerful and reliable equipment.  Coupled with the skyVac® Elite carbon fibre poles with Vac Release Cuff and anti-block hairpin neck, our systems can be used by a sole operator to work clear blocked gutters. No ladder required.

The skyVac® Interceptor, with an on-board generator, offers the freedom to operate without mains power or trailing cables. With its immense suction power and large debris capacity, it is ideal for large projects such as factories, warehouses, and large residential projects. Simply power up, and power through. Less down time, and more productive “up time” for faster thorough cleans.

So, if you are looking for a reliable gutter cleaning machine to build a business around, or if you are looking for quality equipment to support your property maintenance schedules without the health and safety risks of working at height, then we have you covered. 

For more information on the best way to clean gutters, why not read our blog.

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What’s the Right skyVac® gutter vacuum for you

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If you have been considering the skyVac® Industrial 85, or maybe the Slipstream™ Pro 20X but wanted to see them in action first, then we’d love to show you!

Our product specialist will guide you through the features, benefits and on-the-job tips for our market-leading skyVac® Gutter Vacuum collection along with our Slipstream™ Pressure Washer and surface cleaners.

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skyVac® Industrial 85: 

Tested and Trusted by Gutter Cleaning Professionals all over the world.

  • 3300 watts of power / 150” water lift.
  • Capable of lifting up to 5kg.
  • Reliable, robust & ready in an instant.
  • All-terrain chassis to access all areas.
  • Effective, fast and built to last.
  • The nemesis of gutter-clutter.

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skyVac® Industrial 85