skyVac® Commercial 75 Plus With Elite High Reach Poles

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SkyVac Commercial 75 (Wet & Dry)
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The Commercial 75 Plus Vacuum now comes as standard with the NEW Steel Trolley! We've even thrown a FREE Vacuum Service in the mix for you!

To redeem your free service, please call 01604 968700. Please note this must be booked within one year of your purchase date.

Now with even more suction power, the 3 motor 3300-Watt system is ideal for everyday domestic and commercial gutter clearance with 100” water lift and 10,500 LPM airflow.  The compact head features a steel filter protection plate that lines up with the cyclonic side entry port to minimise blockages and maximise the polypropylene drum space.  Supplied with skyVac® Elite Ultra Lightweight Poles in 3 height packages up to 4 storeys /12m/ 40ft.

Now available with skyVac® Elite ultra-lightweight poles in 3 height packages up to 4 stories /12m/ 40ft.


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Our Downloadable PDF about the Commercial Plus is available here. 


if you'd like to purchase the Commercial Plus with a Generator at a discounted price, please call our office at 01604 968700 we'd be happy to help!





NEW:  Now with a robust steel trolley, all-terrain rear wheels, and lockable front castors! Available with a FREE Vacuum Service.

The skyVac® Commercial 75 PLUS offers the best of both worlds.  Power, performance and capacity for effective gutter clearance, along with ease of handling, thanks to its lightweight construction.

NEW: The 3 x motor 3300-Watt system delivers 100” water lift along with 10,500 LPM air flow making ideal for everyday domestic and commercial gutter clearance. 

The compact vacuum head is designed to maximise the drum capacity.  The filter is housed behind a protective steel plate that lines up with the 50mm cyclonic entry port, to minimise blockages and guide debris around the drum to optimise space.  This steel plate deflects dirt and debris that could cause filter damage, and doubles as a sturdy vac head stand.  The cleated filter cartridge is removable and easy to clean. 

NEW: Steel Trolley with All-Terrain wheels and lockable castors.

The polypropylene drum is hardwearing, robust and lighter than the standard steel drum. Now mounted on a sturdy steel trolley, the skyVac® Commercial 75 PLUS has oversized all-terrain rear wheels for stability and multi direction front castors, making it easy to move over uneven ground! Furthermore, the front castor are lockable, so you can park your vacuum on hills and slopes and even in the back of your van.

The Commercial 75 Plus is finished with a tippingchassis for ease of emptying, making light work of your gutter cleaning projects from start to finish!

We've even thrown a FREE Vacuum Service in the mix for you! To redeem your free service, please call 01604 968700. Please note this must be booked within 1 year of your purchase date.

Included skyVac Elite Poles

For easy high reach access up to 4 storeys /12m/ 40ft, the skyVac® Commercial 75 PLUS 85 comes with ultra-lightweight and rigid skyVac® Elite poles which offer greater control and minimum weight at height.  The patent pending vac release cuff, allows suction to be managed from the pole.  Simply twist the cuff to release suction, for more efficient working.  The innovative hairpin neck tool holder allows greater air and debris circulation through then bend to minimise blockages, as well as providing firm control for stubborn blockage removal.  Ideal for projects with challenging access such as over garages and conservatories and for everyday turf and debris removal through to deep rooted downpipe blockages.

The skyVac® Elite pole system offers the vacuum operator maximum control with minimum effort.  Feather-weight 50mm suction poles with unique and exclusive skyVac® innovations for smarter working, with the Vac Release Cuff and the Hairpin Neck tool holder. 

HEPA Filter:

For tasks that demand high filtration, HEPA filters can be used with this Vacuum.

PLEASE NOTE: HEPA Filters are specifically designed to improve air quality by removing very fine particles from the air including dust mites, mould, and pollen. By their nature, HEPA filters also restrict airflow and reduce vacuum suction, so you may be better choosing a standard filter. Please be sure to select the best filter for the job. 


To maintain the performance of your machine and dependent on usage, we recommend replacing your filter once or twice a year.

Click here for the Commercial 75 PLUS Spec Sheet


skyVac® Commercial 75 PLUS Machine:

  • 3300 Watts (3 x 1100 motors) mains powered wet and dry vacuum 
  • 100 Inches of Water Lift - ideal for everyday gutter cleaning projects.
  • 10,500 Litres Per Minute Air Flow - for powerful dust and debris removal
  • Cyclonic 50mm side entry port – with easy click lock vac to hose attachment
  • Steel filter protection plate – guides debris around the drum, as well as acting as a foot rest. 
  • 24kg in weight – lightweight yet durable polypropylene construction.
  • 75 Litres container with 72 Litre capacity
  • Tipping chassis for easy debris removal. 
  • Auto-shut off float valve 
  • Removable and washable filter (we recommend having a spare) 


Our Downloadable PDF about the Commercial Plus is available here.

What makes a powerful gutter clearing vacuum? Read more about Watts, Inch Water Lift, Air Flow. 

skyVac Elite three reasons

skyVac®Elite Pole Set:

  • At 280gms per 1.5metres, a 1/3 of the weight of aluminium poles, these high-grade carbon fibre poles are ultra-lightweight, making working at heights of up to 40ft much less physically tiring.
  • The patent-pending Vac Release pole enables the operator greater control all from the base of the pole - to cut vacuum suction, simply twist the cuff and watch stubborn gutter debris fall safely to the floor.
  • Incredibly stiff and rigid construction for greater control and manoeuvrability at a distance. Ideal for operating directly overhead or angled over an obstacle such as a conservatory.
  • Extensively field-tested to be hard-wearing and long-lasting.
  • Interconnecting poles slot securely together with a ‘positive stop’ on the base on the pole and clamping mechanism at the top.
  • Clamping mechanism allows specialist tools to be used for working at height enabling the pole system to be used for roof cleaning, along with soffits and fascia cleaning.
  • skyVac® Elite Vac Release Pole. Patent PENDING: Application No: GB1713830.6

*Download Digital PDF Elite Pole Brochure for more information. 


skyVac® Elite Hairpin Neck & Accessories:

  • The Exclusive Elite Hairpin 135-degree Neck tool holder* creates the perfect angle to access gutters from the safety of the ground.
  • Engineered from high grade carbon fibre, this unique skyVac® innovation features an oversized neck passageway to eliminate debris bottle necks and improve airflow.
  • The rigid neck construction gives the operator greater purchase and control over stubborn and deep-rooted gutter growths allowing them to be coaxed or wrestled out of downpipes.
  • Includes an assortment of end tools, from everyday use through to tight access and stubborn turf removal. Suitable for use in most gutters (shapes and gutter materials).
  • *European Community Design Registration Number 008458913

skyVac® Hose & Pole Carry Bag:

Now included is the skyVac® Hose Carry Bag, a spacious carry bag, big enough for your wire reinforced hose as well as two pockets for your tools and accessories. The pole bag has enough room for all your skyVac® poles as well as tools. 

SkyVac®  Van Sticker

  • Dimensions: 500mm x 300mm

Want power on the go? we have a selection of generators available for our vacuums. 




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More Information
Motor Wattage:  3300 watts max (Three double stage motors)
Water Lift: 100”
Air Flow Movement:  10,500 litres per minute
Decibel Level:  72 dB
Container Capacity: 72 litres
Mains Connection:  240v
Power Cable Length:  8 metres
Weight: 24kg
L x W x H (cm): 

59 x 57 x 102

Suitable for use with the SkyVac 3600 Watt Inverter

  • SkyVac Van Sticker Size: 500mm x 300mm

Included as Standard:

  • skyVac® Commercial PLUS Wet & Dry Commercial Vacuum
  • skyVac® Elite Carbon fibre poles: 1.5 metres long
  • skyVac® Vac Release Pole (x 1)
  • NEW skyVac® Elite Hairpin Neck 135 Degree tool holder
  • NEW: Blue 7.5 metres of Wire Reinforced Vacuum Hose (50mm diameter)
  • Crevice end tool for accessing gutters in tight gaps
  • Aluminium dirt breaker for reducing gutter debris into smaller pieces for removal
  • Aluminium Tapered end tool for accessing small gaps
  • Daily end tool for general gutter clearing
  • Aluminium Long end tool for greater reach for hard to access gutters and downpipes
  • NEW Scalloped End Tool
  • Pole and accessory carrying bag
  • Hose and accessory carrying bag
  • 2 x SkyVac Van Sticker

Professional everyday Gutter Clearance projects.  From top up cleans to stubborn gutter blockages and everything else in between. 

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