Roof Cleaning Equipment

The UK really does have the ideal climate for roof moss to thrive in!  Constant showers, overcast days, and big shady trees create perfect growing conditions for the water loving algae.  If left untreated, roof moss can cause tile damage and potentially lead to roof leaks.  ...

Our skyscraper® roof moss removal system, is a great way to rid roofs, of unwelcome mossy crumbs, and carpets.  The skyscraper® bladed, or wire brush system, can be attached to a telescopic pole, to safely scrape the algae away.

   Adding specialist roof cleaning equipment to your kit is a great way to expand your business and chargeable services.   What grows up, can come down, so roof cleaning goes hand in hand with gutter cleaning! 

skyscraper ® Roof Cleaning
skyscraper® Roof Cleaning
skyVac® Pole Sets
skyVac® Pole Sets
skyVac® Pole Sets
skyVac® Pole Sets
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Cleaning Towers

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