skyVac® Industrial 85 With Elite High Reach Poles

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SkyVac Industrial 85 (Wet & Dry)
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  • THE ULTIMATE GUTTER VACUUM: A hardcore system that's had years of development, uniquely engineered for fast and effective gutter cleaning. With patented innovation, for smarter working.
  • PACKED WITH POWER: With 3300Ws / 10,000 LPM & 150" water lift, power and suction is only part of what gets the job done. The 85 has a PowerMix feature, enabling you to customise your suction to suit each project.
  • FOREFRONT PORTABILITY: Mounted on a sturdy, all-terrain, 4-wheeled trolley - for easy transportation across challenging surfaces, even with a full load. 
  • ACESS HEIGHTS OF UP TO 4 STOREYS: Supplied with ultra-light poles, available in 3 different height options. Reach heights of up to 40ft, all from the safety of the ground.
  • TWO VOLTAGE OPTIONS: Choose between our standard 240v or site-friendly 110v.

Our Downloadable PDF about the Industrial 85 is available here.

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The SkyVac® Industrial 85.

We've invented, tested, modified, challenged and pushed the boundaries of what's possible, to get where we are today ... and that's why we believe the Industrial 85 IS the ultimate gutter cleaning vacuum. 

Packing 3300ws, 10,000 LPM, 150" inch water lift and so much more, power and suction is only part of what gets the job done with the Industrial 85. 

The SkyVac® Industrial 85 Wet & Dry gutter vacuum system has been specially designed to clear even the most stubborn blocked gutters. The unique patented “POWERMIX” system reconfigures the power supply from parallel to series to drive unparalleled water lift of up to 150 inches which is +50% higher than standard 3 motor 3,300 Watt machines*. Supplied with a sieve and drain hose, for smart waste management, soupy gutters? not a problem with this unique SkyVac design.

Easy to empty, thanks to an evenly balanced tipping chassis with locking castors. Simply unclip and remove the motor head, placing safely upright on the ground thanks to the steel foot on the filter protector plate and tip out drum contents. 


Featherweight 100% Carbon Fibre Poles:

Weighing just 280gs, these are the lightest poles on the market and are excellent for high-level vacuuming.

Vac Release Cuff: 

For instant suction control from the pole (patent pending: GB1713830.6)

Innovative Hairpin Neck:

Reduces debris choke point from gutter to pole, for less blockage (eu design registration number 008458913)

Compact head with integral steel filter protection plate:

Engineered to withstand years of gutter grafting.


Our Downloadable PDF about the Industrial 85 is available here.

Click here for the Industrial 85 Spec Sheet

skyVac Industrial 85 patented PowerMix lever

skyVac Industrial 85 Smart Waste Management

HEPA Filter:

For tasks that demand high filtration, HEPA filters can be used with this Vacuum.

PLEASE NOTE: HEPA Filters are specifically designed to improve air quality by removing very fine particles from the air including dust mites, mould, and pollen. By their nature, HEPA filters also restrict airflow and reduce vacuum suction, so you may be better choosing a standard filter. Please be sure to select the best filter for the job. 

skyVac Elite Poles for harder and smarter working

  • skyVac® Elite Vac Release Pole. Patent PENDING: Application No: GB1713830.6

Download Digital PDF Elite Pole Brochure for more information. 


Want power on the go? We have a range of generators to suit our Vacuums. 


Our blog is available to read here if you would like to keep updated with all things gutter cleaning, pressure washing, high-level inspection and more.


More Information

SkyVac® Industrial 85:

  • Motor Wattage: 3300 watts max (three motors)
  • Water Lift: 95" (all conditions) 150" (grass tuft & water extraction)
  • Air Flow Movement: 10,000 LPM (all conditions) 8,600 LPM (grass tuft & water extraction)
  • Decibel Level: 72 dB
  • Container Capacity: 78 litres or 60 Litres of debris
  • Mains Connection: 240v @13 amp or 110v @ 32 amp
  • Power Cable Length: 8 metres
  • Weight: 36kg
  • Industrial 85 Dimensions: 60L x 64W x 114H cm
  • Pole Carry Bag Dimensions: 157L x 30W x 15H cm
  • Hose Carry Bag Dimensions: 65cm x 227cm
  • SkyVac Van Sticker Size: 500mm x 300mm

To adapt the SkyVac® Industrial 85 for Internal High-Level Cleaning Projects, please use the Internal Conversion kit available to purchase separately. 


SkyVac® Industrial 85:

  • 1 x SkyVac® Wet & Dry Industrial 85 Vacuum
  • Drain Hose & Sieve Basket
  • Removable & Washable Filter

SkyVac® Poles & Accessories: 

  • SkyVac® Elite Carbon Fibre Poles: 1.5 metres long
  • 1 x SkyVac® Vac Release Pole
  • 1 x SkyVac® Elite Hairpin Neck (135 Degree tool holder)
  • 7.5 metres of Blue Wire Reinforced Vacuum Hose (50mm diameter)
  • 5 x Elite Tools: Aluminium Long End tool / Dual End Multi Tool /Aluminium Tapered End Tool / Long Soft Tool / Aluminium Crevice End Tool
  • 1 x Pole and Accessory Carrying Bag
  • 1 x Hose and Accessory Carrying Bag
  • 2 x SkyVac Van Stickers




  • For gutter cleaning both commercial and domestic premises & internal high-level cleaning (if conversion kit is purchased).


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