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Struggling with block paving cleaning? Is your patio or driveway blighted by black spot? Are weeds popping up inbetween your block paving, or is there a stubborn oil stain that needs removing on your tarmac?  ...

Our range of patio and driveway treatments are ideal for tackling unsightly stains across a range of outdoor surfaces. For easy product application, we also offer a selection of sprayers.

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What is black spot on a patio or driveway

What is Black Spot or Lichen? 

It’s a hardy lichen that flourishes in the shady and damp UK climate, leaving an ugly black mark as it creeps across our patios and driveways.

Starting out as airborne fungal spores, they drift down to the ground before burying their roots into the stone surface. Over time they spread, sending tendrils (hyphae) out in search of food.  These hyphae anchor themselves within the stone pores, staining the surface as they grow. 

Black spot thrives on more porous stone surfaces, such as Indian Sandstone with Fossil Mint, when the right growing conditions are present. Denser stone constructions, such as Indian limestone, are more resistant to lichen.

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