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With over 13 years of experience in the gutter cleaning industry, skyVac® has pioneered many of the innovations that have made the process safer, faster and easier.  Our range of gutter clearing vacuums have been specifically engineered and extensively tested from the ground up to the gutter to deliver exceptional results and unrivalled user experience.  Whether you are an exterior cleaning specialist looking for efficient and effective equipment or a homeowner looking to keep on top of property maintenance, we have the perfect system for you.

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The Mighty Atom Gutter Vac Shop
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The Mighty Atom Gutter Vac Shop
The Mighty Atom Gutter Vac Shop
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skyVac® Specialist Gutter Vacuums. What's the perfect one for you?

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So if you have been considering the skyVac® Industrial 85 or maybe the Slipstream™ Pro 20X but wanted to see them in action first, then we’d love to show you!

Demos will be carried out in compliance with the latest government guidelines on Covid-19 and respecting strict social distancing measures.

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Visit Spinaclean Head Office for Product Demonstrations

skyVac® Industrial 85: 

A powerful mains powered Gutter Vacuum.

  • 3300 watts of power / 150” water lift
  • capable of lifting up to 5 kilos
  • Reliable, robust & ready in an instant.
  • All-terrain chassis to access all areas.
  • Effective, fast and built to last.
  • The nemesis of gutter-clutter

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skyVac® Industrial 85