skyVac® 75/78/85/Nitro & Interceptor Cartridge Filter

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SkyVac Cartridge Filter
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  • REPLACEMENT CARTRIDGE FILTER: For both Gutter and Internal Vacuums. This listing is for the Standard Filter.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: This filter is compatible with the Atom Sonic, Commercial Plus, Industrial 85, Nitro and Interceptor (external) as well as the Internal 78 (internal) 


SkyVac® Cartridge Filter.

Keeping your filter in “box fresh” condition is a great way to ensure that your system is running at its best. 

The skyVac® cartridge filter is specifically designed to support the skyVac® wet and dry vacuum systems. The cleated design creates a large surface area for air filtration, whilst the robust build can withstand the powerful suction power. 

The skyVac® Cartridge filter is compatible with:

Gutter Vacuums: 

Internal Vacuum:


What Filter do I need?

Standard cartridge filter - This filter is the go to for most projects, gutter cleaning, and internal high-level.  The fine airborne dust particles are trapped within the cleated construction, allowing clean air to pass through the motors. 


Filter Maintenance: 

We recommend cleaning at the end of each project and replacing every four months.  Inspect your filter regularly for wear and tear, making sure to replace damaged filters immediately. 

The filter traps any dust and airborne particles to prevent them from getting into the motor.  Over time the filter can become clogged which will restrict the air flow getting into the system.  A dirty filter can lead to a loss of power so make sure you keep clean.  

Top Tip:

  • Use a stiff brush to remove dry dirt.
  • If very dirty, then rinse under the hose.
  • Always start each project with a CLEAN & DRY filter.
  • Have a spare in the van! 


More Information

The skyVac® Cartridge filter is compatible with:

Gutter Vacuums:

Internal Vacuums: 



Standard Filter:

  • 1 x Standard cleated filter.

Keeping your machine running smoothly and maintaining its performance over time.  

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