skyPole: Professional High Reach Telescopic Inspection Pole

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SkyPole™ - Professional High Reach Inspection System
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A quick and easy way to access high level projects, the skyVac® telescopic inspection pole is a great addition to your exterior cleaning equipment.  Available in three height options, with a maximum reach of 44ft, yet compact enough to easily fit in a van*. 

Pre / Post site Surveys:  Simply attach the skyVac® Real Time camera system** or skyVac Recordable Camera system and within minutes you can inspect gutters and roofs all from the safety of the ground.

Roof Cleaning:  Add the skyScraper** system to the pole and you now have a roof cleaning tool and a great way to earn extra income. 

**NB:  skyVac® Real Time or Recordable Camera system and skyScraper are NOT INCLUDED with the telescopic pole.  All three items can be purchased separately. *Maximum retracted height, 240cm.  

NB:  24ft Pole is BLUE - the 34ft & 44ft are BLACK. 



A great addition to your high level equipment, the skyVac® telescopic pole is ideal for pre / post site surveys in conjunction with the skyVac® Real Time Camera system* or Recordable Camera system.  Compatible with the skyScraper**, the pole can be used for roof cleaning.  Engineered from carbon fibre, with secure clamped segments, the pole is available in the three height options of:  24ft, 34ft and 44ft.

  • Instant access and clear visibility on high level projects up to 44ft, all from the safety of the ground. 
  • Space saving, with a maximum retracted height of 223cm***, the telescopic pole is easy to store and can be feathered up to the required height in an instant.  No ladder required. 
  • Achieve the perfect working height for each project thanks to the multiple clamped segments. 
  • Lightweight yet rigid carbon fibre hybrid construction, making it ideal for roof cleaning.
  • Comes as standard with two Head Attachments:

NB:  24ft Pole is BLUE - the 34ft & 44ft are BLACK. 


Ideal For:

  • Pre / Post site surveys:  A great way to win new business and give the customer the confidence of a job well done.  
  • High Level Photography:  Capture high level imagery in an instant without the expense and restrictions of working with a drone. 
  • Roof Cleaning:   A lucrative and sought after service, simply attach the skyscraper head and blades to your telescopic inspection pole.  


NB:  The *skyVac® Real Time Camera system**, skyVac Recordable Camera System and  skyscraper are NOT INCLUDED as standard with the inspection pole.  Both items are available to purchase separately. 

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More Information

SkyPole is available in 3 sizes:

NB:  24ft Pole is BLUE - the 34ft and 44ft are BLACK. 

24ft (Carbon Fibre Hybrid) - BLUE Pole 

  • Retracted height: 165 cm
  • Weight:  1.6KG
  • Sections:  5 

34ft (Carbon Fibre Hybrid) - BLACK Pole 

  • Retracted height: 200 cm
  • Weight:  2.4KG
  • Sections:  6

44ft (Carbon Fibre) - BLACK Pole 

  • Retracted height: 223 cm
  • Weight:  3.2KG
  • Sections:  7

Head Attachments:

Comes as standard with:

Camera sold Separately.

Single telescopic pole (24ft /34ft or 44ft). 

Comes as standard with:


  • High level building maintenance indoors and outdoors 
  • Gutter and roof inspection 
  • Plus many more applications....
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