Why Is High-Level Cleaning important?

Why Is High-Level Cleaning important?

Why is High-Level Cleaning Important?

At Spinaclean, we’ve been tackling high level projects, all from the safety of the ground, for over 14 years.  Our powerful SkyVac® gutter vacuums with featherweight carbon fibre poles, are the choice of exterior cleaning professionals and facilities managers to keep on top of property maintenance.  Working at heights of up to 40ft / 12M and over obstacles, these industrial vacuums are capable of removing stubborn growths and blockages.  So, rest assured, indoor hard to access locations is right up our street (so to speak!) 


Health & Hygiene: 

Well, left unchecked, dust and dirt starts to build up over time, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.  Natural air circulation or movement from air conditioning can “disturb” these spores, causing them to become airborne.  Eventually these germs can drift down to lower levels, landing on surfaces, or remaining in the air as an inhalation risk. 

Dust also has a nasty habit of attracting pests and vermin, providing them with a safe place to nest.  Spiders especially, they love a safe, out of reach dusty spot to build a web and lay their eggs.  Dust and cobwebs, leads to more cobwebs!  

Different environments and industries have their own “Dust” challenges to manage.  Food production comes with strict hygiene requirements, but also uses ingredients that are not only intensely dusty (flour, sugar, coffee) but are also combustible when airborne.  This not only requires specialist  cleaning equipment (Atex Safety Equipment) but also frequent  cleaning.  


Fire Prevention: 

From a fire safety perspective, dust build up can be dangerous for electrical items in a number of ways. 

Layers of dust can act like an insulation blanket.  Trapping the heat within the system causing components to overheat or short circuit.  Exposed or damaged wires and circuit boards can become coated in dirt, which acts as the perfect ignition source should the sparks start to fly.  With flammable dust, something as simple as flipping a switch, or even blowing a fuse could have serious consequences. 

That’s why keeping high level electrical tracks and air conditioning units clean and dust-free is an important part of your fire prevention process.  A regular cleaning schedule helps to keep your equipment in debris free, in good working order and reduce the risk of electrical fires.  

Using compressed air to blow the dust out, is not advisable.  Rapid air movement over electrical equipment has the potential to cause a static charge.  A stray spark combined with freshly dispersed hazardous is a recipe for disaster. 


Longer Lasting Results: 

What goes up, will eventually will come down.  Natural air circulation will dislodge high level dust, which in turn drops onto low level surfaces.  So for a more thorough and longer lasting clean, start at the higher level, before cleaning the lower level.  This will result in a longer lasting results! 


It just doesn’t look good!: 

Well, that’s one way of putting it! Let’s be honest, we’re all very quick to judge.  

A visible dusty ledge. A matted air conditioning vent. A crusty wall, or sheets of billowing cobwebs - it’s just not a great look.  First impressions really do count, regardless of what you are “selling” (or think you’re selling!).  

It really does pay to look up...as well as down.  


So, how do you keep on top… of, what’s on top?  How can you balance a regular cleaning schedule with all the other considerations that go along with it?  How do you clean safely at Height?


Safe, High-Level Dusting made easy:  

For a thorough clean with minimum disruption to the working area, the skyVac high level dusting system is the complete solution.  Customise your high access end tools, necks and carbon fibre hybrid poles to get to the cleaning site, all from the safety of the ground.  The powerful industrial vacuums, capture and remove the high level debris but also prevent the dispersal of airborne hazards during the cleaning process.  

But what if I can’t see it?  Well, that’s where our camera inspection systems are invaluable.  With instant connection, overhead lights and a large screen size, you can get immediate access to the cleaning site without the need for a ladder or cherry picker.


What are the benefits of the skyVac® High-Level cleaning system:

There are so many that we'll just list them!

-Working from the safety of the ground, eliminating the risk of working at height (and the associated Health and safety requirements, audits and training.

-Easy access to projects up to 12m / 40ft with customisable poles, neck angles and end tools for a bespoke clean. 

-No need for ladders, cherry pickers, scaffolding or other costly high access equipment.

-Minimal disruption to the working area – so less costly downtime in manufacturing facilities.

-Can be carried out by a sole operator.

-Effective results with minimal training.


So, have a good look up!

If your ledges are letting you down, or your vents are a bit on the crusty side, then it’s time to get it sorted with a skyVac® system



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