Meet the ForestryVac!

Meet the ForestryVac!

In recent years, there has been an increase in Oak Processionary Moths (OPMs) and Brown-Tailed Moths. These creatures pose a significant threat to both humans and the environment, with the main danger coming from their toxic hairs. These microscopic, barbed hairs can cause severe skin irritation, respiratory issues, and allergic reactions in humans. Contact with the hairs can lead to symptoms such as itching, rashes, eye irritation, and difficulty breathing.

The ForestryVac® is an H-Class vacuum that tackles issues caused by OPMs (Oak Processionary Moths and Caterpillars) and other pests in an environmentally friendly way, without harmful chemicals, and all from the safety of the ground. 

We’ve been catching up with Tom Adamson from Bartlett Tree Experts, who has been using the ForestryVac out in the field. Here’s what he had to say.

You’re using ForestryVac at the moment, what pests in particular are you using the ForestryVac for?

We have been using the ForestyVac to remove the nests created by the invasive and toxic Oak Processionary Moth Caterpillar (OPM). 

Before you started using ForestryVac, what would you use to treat these pests? How well did that work? 

Before we had the ForestryVac we carried out the removal of the OPM nests in one of two ways. The first using a small asbestos vacuum with a 2 metre extension, and the second by hand using bags to manually remove the nests from the branches, either from a rope and harness or from a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP). 

Both these operations were quite slow as we had to get right up to each of the nests. This also increased exposure to the toxic hairs for our crew members. 

What makes ForestryVac a better option?

The ForestryVac helps to solve both of the issues from the previous methods of nest removal. We no longer have to get close to each of the nests as the vacuum has a 12m reach.  This both speeds up the removal of the nests as more can be reached from a stationary location as well as reducing exposure to the crew as they don’t need to get so close to the toxic hairs. 

What’s your favourite feature on ForestryVac?

Our favourite feature about the ForestryVac is that it comes with a skyVac Elite Pole set, having the ability to vacuum nests that are very close and then increasing the number of poles in your setup to be able to remove nests that are 10-12 metres away is a game changer.

Do you have anything else you’d like to say about ForestryVac?

All the crew that have used the ForestryVac have mentioned that they would much rather use this method of nest removal than having to climb the trees. It has become an invaluable tool, so much so our other offices have asked to borrow it for their OPM nest removal sites having seen the benefits it has provided us.

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