Start Your Own Exterior Cleaning Business Today!

Start Your Own Exterior Cleaning Business Today!

Quick and easy to set up with minimal training and minimal ongoing costs, you really could be earning around £300 - £500* per day AND be your own boss by the end of the week!  It really is that simple and we should know because that’s how Spinaclean started!

So, if you’re motivated and looking for a job that works around you for 2023, then exterior cleaning could be the career break you’ve been looking for!


What is an Exterior Cleaning Business? What would I be cleaning and is it regular work?

From roofs to gutters, to windows and fascia’s, to patio cleaning and driveway cleaning; from homes through to business and commercial properties; there’s one thing you can rely on – whatever you clean, nature has a way of making it dirty again!   Whether its troublesome moss on roofs, leaves clogging gutters or slippery and unsightly green algae on patios and driveways, there is always something that needs cleaning.

Regular professional cleaning ensures that a property not only looks great but can also prevent future costly repairs.  You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that overflowing gutters are going to result in property damage. 

What Exterior Cleaning Services could I provide?

From the roof down to the roadside, there are plenty of surfaces in between that need regular specialist cleaning.  So whether you chose to specialise in a number of services, such as roof, gutter and patio and driveway cleaning, there is ample opportunity for year-round earning. 

  • Roof Cleaning
  • Gutter Clearing
  • Underside of gutter and fascia cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Building Soft Wash
  • Driveway Cleaning
  • Patio Cleaning
  • Block Paving Cleaning
  • Jet washing

How Much could I earn and what are the hours?

This very much depends on you!  How much do you want to earn and how much time do you want to put in.  If you are motivated and dedicated to a full-time career, you could average £370* per day and potentially even more during peak seasons.  If you are looking to work around family commitments, then you can tailor your hours and earnings to suit.  It’s for you to decide on the time and effort you are able and willing to commit.

To help you visualise your earning opportunities, the house below is approximately 2 days’ worth of work and nearly £2,000 worth of work.**


How much can you earn pressure washing and gutter cleaning

Your Time really is Your Money.

When it comes to maximising your earning potential, your time really is your money.  The customer is only going to pay you for completed professionally cleaned projects, and not by the hour.  So whether a patio takes you 4hrs or 2hrs to complete, you are only going to earn the same amount.  

For example, a 40m² patio cleaning project at £4 psm would net £160, that’s £40 per hour based on 4hrs, or £80 per hour based on 2hrs. Not only do you earn more per hour, but you also have an additional 2hrs back in your day to complete more projects and ultimately earn more. 

Investing in quality cleaning machines is the best way for you to earn more.  Specifically engineered for exterior cleaning, Spinaclean’s range of roof, gutter, window, fascia and patio cleaning equipment is used and recommended by cleaning professionals throughout the UK.  Designed to deliver exceptional cleaning results first time and for regular prolonged daily use, the skyVac™ gutter cleaning vacuums and slipstream™ pressure washing and block paving cleaning machines are a sound business investment.   So for fast, efficient and reliable equipment, all backed up with unrivalled support and advice, give Spinaclean a call. 

 “When I first started out, I used a top of the range mass brand pressure washer to clean my Dad’s Patio.  Although it got the job done, it took me 4hrs to complete the block paving deep clean.  With the Pro 12 and 18” surface cleaner, the same job now takes me 1.5hrs.  The payback in time alone has been worth the investment.  In the peak pressure washing season, I can easily schedule 2-3 jobs a day so speed and reliability really are a must” Josh Courtney: Courtney’s Exterior Cleaning & Property Maintenance Ltd

Ok, so I’m interested.  What do I do now?

Having both set up and run their own successful Exterior Cleaning Companies, Spinaclean directors Mark and Andy, are knowledgeable and committed to helping you achieve your dream.   

“Spinaclean gives us a great opportunity to share what we’ve learnt over the years.  Our experience has helped us to engineer the best equipment for the job but also keeps us focused on offering exceptional customer support and service.    

Simply put, we’ve been there, done it, and decided to make it better”  Mark & Andy:  Spinaclean Directors.

Well, why not book yourself on a Spinaclean 1-2-1 Business Insights training course. 


It really is that simple! 

Don’t just take our word for it, read how Paul Burgess and Jimmy's Property Care started their own Exterior Cleaning businesses. 

Photo Credit:  PB Powerwashing
Josh Courtney: Courtney's Exterior Cleaning & Property Maintenance

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