skyVac® Atex Zone 22 Vacuums

The skyVac® Atex industrial vacuum systems enable safe cleaning practises in a hazardous dust environment....  These powerful systems are engineered for the safe and effective removal of combustible dust in zone 22 areas.  Supplied with antistatic high access suction poles and customisable tools, our systems can reach projects up to 12M / 40ft.  Ideal for cleaning walls, electrical tracks, air conditioning vents as well as clearing manufacturing equipment.

Our A37G system is suitable for Atex Zone 22 application – L, M & H, whilst our A37 system is suitable for use in zone M. 

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  1. Atex A37  zone 22 safety vacuum
    SkyVac ATEX A37
    Atex Zone 22 Vacuum
    £4,872.00 £4,060.00
  2. skyVac Atex Safety Vacuum for Zone 22 / 4 Pole Package / 240V
    skyVac ATEX A37G
    Atex Zone 22 Vacuum
    £5,580.00 £4,650.00
  3. skyVac ATEX A37 Front View
    skyVac® ATEX A37 Vacuum
    Vacuum Only
    £3,168.00 £2,640.00
  4. skyVac ATEX A37G Front View
    skyVac® ATEX A37G Vacuum
    Vacuum Only
    £3,828.00 £3,190.00
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