skyVac® Internal 150 Vacuum Vacuum Only

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skyVac® Internal 150 High-Level Vacuum
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  • MADE FOR INTENSE CLEANING: The Internal 150 is ideal for large-scale, high-level projects. Combined with powerful suction AND high filtration, for all of your internal cleaning needs. 
  • EFFICIENT DUST REMOVAL: With a 3300w triple motor and 10,000 LPM airflow, this vacuum does an incredible job of picking up dust and debris you may not have easily spotted yourself. 
  • COMPATIBLE WITH OUR SKYVAC POLES: This Internal 150 vacuum-only listing is ideal for upgrading your existing vacuum while still using your existing SkyVac suction poles.




The SkyVac Internal 150 High-Level Vacuum - Vacuum Only.

With a design that ensures efficient and effective results on high-level cleans, the Internal 150 has powerful 10,000 suction for rapidly removing dust and debris in otherwise inaccessible places.

Effective Filtration:

The Internal 150 has a steel drum with a capacity of 50 Litres. This drum has three levels of filtration to capture and contain airborne contaminants:

• A cleated HEPA filter

• Polyester star filter (Class L)

• Bowl Filter (dust bag)

• Float Filter

The Inner star filter is agitated when in use with the manual filter shaker. This movement dislodges trapped dust particles to ensure maximum airflow through the system. This triple layer of protection prevents tiny dust particles from expelling through the exhaust.

For tasks that demand high filtration, HEPA filters can be used with this Vacuum.

Easy To Empty, Easy To Maintain: The dust bag captures the debris in an easy-access dust bin. To access it, pull down the bar of the container to unlock it from the filter chamber. The vacuum comes with five cloth filter dust bags for your convenience.

Mobile and Manoeuvrable: The Internal 150 has a trolley with robust wheels for added stability and easy manoeuvrability around large spaces and uneven ground. The front castors are lockable to secure in place during use or in transport. 

Furthermore, the dust bin is mounted on castors and can be wheeled free from the vacuum unit.

HEPA Filter:

PLEASE NOTE: HEPA Filters are specifically designed to improve air quality by removing very fine particles from the air including dust mites, mould, and pollen. By their nature, HEPA filters also restrict airflow and reduce vacuum suction, so you may be better choosing a standard filter. Please be sure to select the best filter for the job. 

To maintain the performance of your machine and dependent on usage, we recommend replacing your filter once or twice a year.

Our blog is available here if you would like to keep up with all things gutter cleaning, pressure washing, high-level inspection and more. 

More Information

• Motor Wattage: 3300 Watts (3 x 1100 Watt) double stage motors (Min 2900-Max 3300)

• Mains Connection: 240V

• Air Flow Movement: 10,000 LPM

• Decibel Level: 76db

• Container Capacity: 50 Litre

• Container:  Steel Drum

• Removable Vacuum head secured with latches

• Study chassis with lockable front castors

• High Filtration system – Deep chamber with Triple filtration layer

• HEPA Cartridge Filter - Surface area 2,200cm²

• Star Filter (polyester) L Class - Surface area 12,000cm²

• Bowl Filter (Dirt captured in a dust bag for easy disposal)

• Float Filter

• Manual filter shaker – to dislodge dust during cleaning.

• Removable Dust Bin – with leaver and castors

• Power Cable Length: 10m

• Hose length: 38mm / 6m

• Click-Lock hose to drum attachment

• Dimensions: (L) 58 cm x (W) 70 cm x (H) 115 cm

• Weight: 68kg


• 1 x Internal 150 High-Level Vacuum.


Internal high-level cleaning projects in large spaces, including:

• Factories

• Warehouses

• Supermarkets

• Stately Homes


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