skyVac Atom Sonic Set with skyScraper & Camera System

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A fantastic Gutter & Roof cleaning package with a high-level camera system - at an unbelievable price.  

  • SKYVAC ATOM SONIC 8 POLE PACKAGE:  A gutsy two-motor 2800W gutter vacuum with powerful suction and unique blow feature. 
  • SKYSCRAPER MOSS REMOVAL SYSTEM: With 11 shaped blades and a wire brush.
  • 24FT INSPECTION POLE: To use with the skyScraper and camera system.
  • CHOOSE FROM TWO CAMERA OPTIONS: From the dropdown, choose from a Real-Time or Recordable Camera system. Ideal for pre, during, or post-site surveys. 




skyVac Atom Sonic, Skyscraper & Camera System. 

If you are looking to expand your exterior cleaning services into the lucrative Gutter, Roof and high-level sector, then, this package is for you. 

A compact, yet powerful set up, which slots neatly in a caddy van, ready to tackle those gutter gardens and mossy roofs at a moment’s notice. Fast and thorough results, with quick payback. 


What Services will I be able to offer?

  • Gutter Cleaning:  For properties up to 4 storeys high and over obstacles such as garages or conservatories.  
  • Roof Moss Removal:  Ridding roofs of unsightly moss, with a range of blades to suit a variety of tile profiles. 
  • Drain clearance or standing water removal: Suitable for small-scale projects.
  • High-level property inspection:  Get “eyes on,” Roof, gutter and chimney projects. Ideal for property inspection for domestic clients or third parties such as estate agents, insurance adjusters or property maintenance tradespeople.  

Equipment Overview: 

skyVac® Atom Sonic:

The Sonic’s got it all going on!  This two motor 2800W gutter vac delivers the right mix of suction to effortlessly tackle the range of gutter challenges.  With 110” water lift muscle and 7166 LPM air flow, those stubborn blockages have met their match.  For soupy projects, a handy drain hose, is great for emptying the water, leaving the “tippable” solid contents in the drum.  That’s smart waste management! 

The blow function goes hand in hand with roof cleaning.  A well-directed blast, shifts any of the scraped mossy residue left on the tiles.  A quick clean up, lovely job. 

It's a compact system that weighs just 17.2kg, making it easy to get in and out of the van.  Mounted on castors, it’s a pretty nimble, ideal for those tight gaps and narrow passage ways. 

For easy access on properties up to 4 storeys, the skyVac® Atom Sonic comes with light-weight carbon fibre hybrid suction poles.  For gutter turf, the unique Vac Release® Cuff cuts suction from the base of the pole, whilst the hairpin neck keeps blockages at bay with a roomy neck passage.  

The skyScraper Head, Blade & Brush System:

Get rid of those unsightly moss crumbs from a range of roof tile profiles.  Customise the blade to suit your roof tile shape and attach the head to the 24ft telescopic and you are ready to scrape the moss away.  For the perfect finish, the wire brush gets into those nooks and crannies. 

  • 11 Interchangeable blades to suit a range of roof profiles. 
  • Easy to use locking mechanism to swap blades over quickly
  • Adjustable multi-directional head to suit the roof angle and to allow moss removal from dormer window roofs.
  • 1 x skyScraper Wire brush and angle adaptor to help you get into the gaps and edges for a thorough clean.
  • 1 x NEW skyScraper Bag to keep your blades safe and organised to and from the site.

24ft Telescopic Pole:  

Handy for instant high access up to 24ft.  The telescopic pole can be used for roof scraping or with the camera inspection system. Collapsing down to just 165cm / 5ft.4in, and weighing in at just 1.6kg, this pole is lightweight and easy to store. 

  • Full Height 24ft, collapsed height 165cm / 5ft.4in
  • 5 telescopic sections with secure clamps to achieve the perfect working height.
  • Lightweight carbon fibre hybrid construction
  • 24ft pole is blue 

skyVac® Real-Time Camera system:

See it and then sort it! The “Real Time” camera system is a great marketing tool to add to your equipment.  For those Pre / During / and Post site surveys, to win you business, and give you the confidence of a job well done.  

Simply attach the monitor to the top of your 24ft inspection pole, or gutter cleaning poles and enjoy the large 4.3” screen experience, all from the safety of the ground. For Instant Images – with No wires - No Apps - No Wi-Fi and No internet required, our skyCam’s are a smart choice. 

  • Large 4.3” LCD screen with adjustable brightness for live image transmission
  • Overhead LED Camera Lights for clear visibility in all conditions (2M range)  
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery with approx. 3hrs
  • Easy to use “all weather” push buttons 
  • Instant and secure connection up to 50M, 
  • Rotate Image 180 function 
  • Weather proof with IP64 rating and inbuilt Sun visor 


More Information

skyVac® Atom Sonic Specifications:

  • Motor Wattage: 2800 Watt (2 x 1400 Watt) Min 2400 - Maximum 2800 Wattage 
  • Water Lift: 110”
  • Air Flow Movement: 7166 litres per minute
  • Decibel Level: 74 dB
  • Drain Hose - For easy water removal
  • Container Capacity: 45 litres
  • Mains Connection: 240v
  • Power Cable Length: 8 metres
  • Weight: 17.2kg (Vac Head:10.7kg / Drum Weight: 6.5kg) 
  • Dimensions: L48 W48 H78
  • Drain hose and bung
  • Wattage 2400 min/ 2800 max 
  • Cyclonic side Entry:  50mm
  • Blow Port:  50mm 
  • 4 Multi-Directional Castor Wheels - 2 Lockable


skyScraper® Head & Blades:

  • Compatible with a variety of window cleaning poles with an EU threaded end. 
  • EU threaded End Attachment:  Diameter across the base 2cm 
  • Anchor Bold Roll
  • Marley Double Roman 
  • Marley Ludlow Major 
  • Marley Ludlow Plus 
  • Marley Mendip
  • Marley Wessex 
  • Redland Grovebury 
  • Redland Regent
  • Redland Renown
  • Flat
  • Flat Nylon
  • NEW 1 x skyScraper® Wire Roof Brush and Angle Adaptor (to accommodate EU threaded End Pole)
  • 1 x SkyScraper Bag: 33 cm x 14 cm x 25 cm 


Real-Time Camera Inspection System: 

Camera Specifications:

  • Image Sensor: 1/4 Inch CMOS 
  • Effective Pixels:  640 x 480
  • View Angle:  45 Degress
  • Transmission Frequency: 2400~2483 MHz
  • Modulation Mode:  GFSK
  • Unobstructed Effective Range: 50 Metres
  • white LED light range: 2 Metres
  • Power Supply: 5V VDC
  • Battery (Integrated):  2500mAh
  • Charge Time: 2.5 Hours
  • Working Time (full charge):3 hours (LED OFF)/ 2.5 hours(LED ON) 
  • Operation Temperature: 10~+50°C/+14~+122°F
  • Dimensions: 130 x 30 x 58mm
  • Weight: 100g
  • IP64 weather rated

skyVac®  Real Time Monitor Specifications:

  • Screen Size:  4.3 Inch TFT LCD
  • Display Resolution:  480 x 272
  • Unobstructed Effective Range: 50 Metres
  • Modulation Mode:  GFSK
  • Power Supply: 5V VDC
  • Battery (Integrated):  1200mAh
  • Charge Time: 3 Hours
  • Working Time (full charge):3 hours  
  • Operation Temperature: 10~+50°C/+14~+122°F
  • Dimensions: 115 x 30 x 135mm
  • Weight: 165g
  • IP64 weather rated


24ft Telescopic Pole:  

  • Carbon Fibre Hybrid Construction
  • Retracted height: 165 cm
  • Weight:  1.6KG
  • Sections:  5 
  • Pole is Blue. 


skyVac® Atom Sonic Gutter Vacuum:

  • 1 x skyVac® Atom Sonic (with 50mm Cyclonic Vac port/50mm blow port).

skyVac® Clamped Pole & Tools & accessories:

  • 7 x 50mm clamped carbon fibre hybrid suction pole
  • 1 x skyVac® Elite Vac Release Pole
  • 1 x skyVac®Elite Hairpin tool holder 
  • 5m x 50mm Wire reinforced suction hose
  • 2 x Cuff: 1 Vac to Hose cuff 50-50 / 1x Hose to Pole 50-50 Cuff.
  • 5 x Elite Tools:  Aluminium Long end tool / Dual End Multi Tool / Aluminium Tapered end tool / Long soft tool / Aluminium Crevice end tool
  • skyVac® branded pole and tool kit carry case

 Floor Tool kit:

  • 2.5M of 38mm standard flexi-hose with 50mm Vac to port cuff 
  • 1 x Handle:  2 x aluminium/plastic tubes / 1 x plastic bend end tool holder
  • 3 Brush Heads:  1x wet floor brush / 1 x dry floor brush / 1 x carpet floor brush


skyScraper Head, Blade and Brush System:

  • skyScraper Head
  • Selection of Eleven Blades for a variety of roof tile profiles
  • 1 x skyScraper wire brush & 1 x Angle Adaptor
  • Can be used with the 24ft Telescopic pole or with the Elite Multi-connector and the clamped poles
  • 1 x skyScraper® Wire Brush and angle adaptor
  • 1 x skyScraper Bag

skyVac® "Real Time" Camera System:

  • Monitor with 4.3” LCD screen
  • Camera with 4 x integral LED lights
  • In car Adaptor 
  • Power Adaptor x 1
  • USB charging cables x 2
  • Protective Carry Case
  • Camera attachments (1 x Spring Clip for mounting on gutter cleaning neck tool holder
  • Monitor spring clip (for securing monitor to pole)

24ft Telescopic Pole.

What Services will I be able to offer?

Gutter Cleaning:  For properties up to 4 storeys high and over obstacles such as garages or conservatories.  

Roof Moss Removal:  Ridding roofs of unsightly moss, with a range of blades to suit a variety of tile profiles. 

Drain clearance or standing water removal: -suitable for small scale projects.

High level property inspection:  Get “eyes on,” Roof, gutter and chimney projects.  Ideal for property inspection for domestic clients or third parties such as estate agents, insurance adjusters or property maintenance trades people.  


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