Superflex Hose Connector Connector For Wired Hose

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Wired Hose Connector
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  • HOSE TO HOSE CONNECTOR: Made specifically for our wire reinforced hose, this connector is ideal for joining your hoses together to create your ideal length on the job. 
please note, our wire reinforced hose is not included in this listing.


Superflex Hose Connector. 

Hose to hose connector for the wire reinforced suction hose.

This connector is ideal for joining two hoses together, creating the perfect length for jobs that require more length i.e large industrial buildings, stately homes, warehouses etc. 

Our vacuums come as standard with 5M / 7.5M hoses (depending on the vacuum) which are ideal for everyday jobs, this connector enables you to create hose lengths of up to 20M. 

Please note, connected hoses that are over 20M may risk losing suction power ... we recommend staying at lengths under 20M. 



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  • Weight: 140Gs
  • Dimensions: 9 x 7 x 6.5 CM
  • Exterior cleaning businesses. 
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