skyVac™ Flexi Hose Cuff Pole Connector

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Flexi Hose Cuff
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Available in two separate sized options, the skyVac™ Flexi Hose Cuff securely connects the skyVac™ Flex Hose to the skyVac™ suction poles.

· 38mm: The skyVac™ Atom, skyVac™ Internal 27, and skyVac™ Internal 30
· 50mm: The skyVac™ Commercial and skyVac™ Industrial


The Flexi Hose Cuff connects your Flexi Hose to your skyVac™ Suction Pole.

It has a certain level of flexibility to allow for more manoeuvrability when performing your high level clean.

Select size 38mm for a 38mm Flexi Hose.

Select size 50mm for a 50mm Flexi Hose.

Key Features:

  • 38mm or 50mm size
  • Compatible with skyVac™ Suction Poles
  • Flexi feature for easier manoeuvrability
More Information
  • Either 38mm or 50mm in diameter
  • Material: Plastic
  • 1 x Flexi Hose cuff  

Connecting your skyVac™ Suction Poles to your Flexi Hose

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