skyVac® Pine Needle Removal Tool Tool For Gutter Cleaning

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skyVac® Pine Needle Removal Tool
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  • NEVER STRUGGLE WITH PINE NEEDLES AGAIN: With the addition of the Pine Needle Removal Tool, your Gutter Vacuum will never struggle with clumped pine needles again. 
  • EASY TO USE: Simply attach to your poles, disassemble the needles and blast them away with the blow function of your vacuum.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH OUR VACUUMS: Please note, the blow function is only available with the Mighty Atom, Atom Sonic and Interceptor.




SkyVac Pine Needle Removal Tool.

No two gutter cleaning projects are the same, with different debris and varying weather conditions come different too requirements. Pine needles are a particularly difficult form of debris, as they will often clump and stick together, making it harder to blow them away.

The Pine Needle Removal Tool is an effective blowing tool with two metal rods that work to de-clump pine needles. Whilst the rods work to dissemble the clumped up needles, the blow feature of your gutter vac easily blasts them out of sight. 

Key Benefits:

• Easily pulls apart tightly packed pine needles making it easier to blow them away. 

• Efficient Gutter Cleaning for locations surrounded by forestry.


More Information
  • Length from end tool base to tip of the claw: 235 mm
  • Length of claw from base to tip: 180 mm
  • Length of end tool from end to top of suction hole: 129.23 mm
  • Length from end to base of suction hole: 98.6 mm
  • Diameter: 34.28 mm
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Weight: 58g.
  • Compatible With:  skyVac® 44mm diameter Suction Poles (WHEN USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE skyVac® 65 Degree Neck Internal Tool Holder)
  • Compatible With: skyVac Elite Poles (WHEN USE IN CONJUNCTION WITH A skyVac® Elite Internal Conversion Tool Holder)

• 1 x  Pine Needle Removal Tool.

Gutter cleaning projects near trees and woodland, where pine needles can easily build up.

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